Jan 08

The Sore Throat Season is Here with a Vengeance

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Research by Ultra Chloraseptic, the anaesthetic throat spray which relieves pain in seconds, reveals that sore throats have a big impact on our work, social and family lives.

I should say so.

Having felt very sorry for myself over the last week, the only thing that actually helped, and helps, is an anaesthetic throat spray and so I’m all for this product.

Cough cough, sneeze sneeze.

Apparently I’m not alone, because a survey of 1,000 people aged 18 to 65 found that nearly half said the pain of a sore throat felt like they were swallowing razor blades. More than a third said they felt something scratchy at the back of their throat, a quarter said they had no energy and more than one in five said it felt like their throat was wrapped in barbed wire.

The new research by Ultra Chloraseptic reported how throat sprays could be a useful aid in treatment.

Mr Alasdair Mace, an ear, nose and throat surgeon says consumers are right to be concerned. He says: “Most cold germs are breathed in, so the first battle-front for our immune system is often the mucosal tissue lining our throat. Although sore throats are a relatively minor problem, and will eventually clear of their own accord, these infections cause considerable discomfort. Healthcare professionals should not dismiss the importance of fast symptom relief that targets the sore throat directly.”

GP Dr Paul Stillman explains: “Ultra Chloraseptic is an anaesthetic throat spray using the fast-acting ingredient, benzocaine, creating targeted pain relief within seconds, and helping to relieve discomfort when swallowing. Benzocaine works by blocking sodium and potassium from entering nerve cells and activating the pain pathway. As it is rapidly absorbed by mucosal membranes in the throat — the tissues which become painful and inflamed when we have a sore throat — benzocaine provides almost instant pain relief. However, absorption beyond the mucosal membranes is poor, so hardly any benzocaine reaches the bloodstream so overdosing is not an issue.

“Unlike many anaesthetic throat lozenges, which also numb the mouth, this spray provides targeted relief. It is also sugar-free — an important consideration for anyone with diabetes or those minimising sugar intake for general good health and in line with recent guidance that we should halve our intakes.”

Of course, tea and sympathy also has its place, but perhaps cold and easy to eat foods such as ice cream (forget the diet) jelly or why not  slurp some soup. Leave the spicy foods for another time.

As for work, most of us feel we must stiffen that upper lip and carry on, but best not to get too close to chums or colleagues. You will not be thanked for causing the whole department to be sent home sick.

Remember you can also gargle with warm salty water, but keep the throat spray with you at all times. Have a quick squirt when things get tough, and then you can keep going.

Children over 6 will be fine with it..