Jun 01

Are Computer Games the Future of Sport?

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We’ve been playing computer games for years but are they now about to become a spectator sport in their own right. Perhaps this is already the case. Computer game sports (E-sports) are big business in South Korea where matches are televised and whole stadiums are filled. The most popular game by far is the real time strategy game Starcraft. Despite being over 10 years old with outdated graphics the game continues to grow in popularity and there is no doubt the games are extremely entertaining. Since its release Starcraft has sold 11 million copies worldwide. Below is an example of an exciting rush game between top two current players in the world.

Now 12 years after the original and 4 years late Starcraft 2 the sequel is about to be launched. One of the main reasons Blizzard made the game was that it believed there could be huge potential in growing e-sports in the west. Will it take off? We will have to wait and see. Starcraft 2 is released worldwide on July 27.

by James Yardley