Feb 24

Women Become The Breadwinners.

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In this wintry economical climate some things have changed. More women than men lost their jobs, but it also changed people’s attitudes. Women have become entrepreneurial.

Avon, the company for women has proven some of the top female Sales Leaders are not only comfortable with running their own businesses, but also with having their husbands help look after the children and even work for them.

Some of these entrepreneurial women have become the main breadwinners in their families. What’s more, they have been able to take their success to the next level, even employing members of their own family to work within their team – including their husbands. Working closely together, and sharing their private lives and careers, these unconventional ‘power couple’ partnerships appear to be a prosperous success, with men that agree to the arrangement perfectly comfortable working for their wife.

Avon Sales Leader Rebekah Testar, who is responsible for training and recruiting her own team of Representatives comments:

“I love having the opportunity to work with my husband, Tony, taking time off together when we want to, and supporting each other on a daily basis. It’s not for everyone, but like other Avon couples I know we make these unconventional partnerships work by carefully delineating the respective roles and playing to each other’s strengths.”

“From my personal experience the most successful, full-time working relationships will find ways to work together at home by creating a separate balance of power in their business relationship, resting on how much each person wants to put in.”

Avon Sales Leader, Tony Testar says:

“I don’t feel intimidated that I technically work for my wife, I’m proud to be a part of such an enterprise that we can run together. When she started working for Avon, the money opportunities, and flexible hours allowing us to holiday and spend time with the kids was certainly appealing. When Rebekah first recruited me I did have a few male friends that took the micky, now some are thinking about setting up their own Avon business.”

Grace Dawodu, 41 from Essex is an NHS community nurse but decided to become an Avon lady due to our current economic climate as a lot of people in the health sector are at risk of losing their job. Grace viewed her Avon role as more job security for her.

Grace is a Sales Leader in training. She lives with her husband who works in admin. With her job as a nurse and an Avon lady, she is now the main breadwinner. Grace used to buy from her local Avon lady but was inclined to become one with the cuts the NHS were making. Grace enjoys working for Avon for several reasons; as a community nurse , she sees her Avon role as an extension of helping others. Secondly, Grace also trained as a therapist at a domestic violence so has a personal connection with Avon’s causes.

Nadine Rowlands and Wayne Rowlands, Manchester

Nadine started her Avon business five years ago, and two years ago, she recruited her husband Wayne as part of her team. They initially started the business because they had just moved house and had a big mortgage to pay, but as time went by, it became more and more of a passion for the couple and nowadays they very much run their business as an Avon partnership. At the last count, they had 1,200 Representatives and Sales Leaders in their team, and an annual turnover of £2.5 million! This year they are on track to earn an impressive £95k.