Jun 16


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The Wireless Theatre Company’s first-ever audio serial, ‘The Strange Case of Springheel’d
Jack’, is to receive the Silver Ogle Award for Best Fantasy Audio Production Of The Year, 2011.

Set in 1837, the first series in the on-going Springheel Saga follows the exploits of Jonah Smith, a
brilliant young police constable who finds himself investigating a series of mysterious attacks by a
devilish monster that stalks the streets of London. Having already been nominated for two Radio
Production Awards*, this fantasy serial has been a smash-hit with listeners all over the world
since it’s launch as a free download on the Wireless Theatre website last year.

“We’re thrilled and delighted. This news was the most awesome way to have started production on
our second Springheel’d Jack serial. This is for everyone involved, who all pushed themselves so
hard and made it something extra special. They’ve all been acknowledged in such wonderful style.
My thanks to the Mark Time judging panel,” said Jack Bowman (actor, co-writer, producer).
“It’s brilliant that Springheel’d Jack has been recognised. We’re so happy that all our hard work has
culminated in this award,” said Mariele Runacre Temple (producer).

“This project has been a labour of love for all of us, so it was a happy day and a great honour to
learn that The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack is to receive this wonderful award. I’m extremely
proud to have worked on such a great project with so many extraordinary people, and it’s going to
be a hell of a lot of fun converging on CONvergence and waving the flag for the Wireless Theatre
Company,” said Robert Valentine (co-writer, producer, director).

The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack was written by Robert Valentine and Gareth Parker**.

It stars Christopher Finney (Dead Ringers), Matthew Jure (the award-winning The Diary Of A
Madman), Jessica Dennis, David Benson (One Man, Two Guv’nors, The Scarifyers) and Julian
Glover (Games Of Thrones, Doctor Who, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Empire Strikes
Back), all leading a cast of over thirty actors.

Artwork is by Jamie Egerton. Casting was by Leoni Kibbey and Andrew Swann. Music was
composed and performed by Francesco Quadraroupolo.

It was edited and sound designed by Andrew Swann and produced by Jack Bowman, Mariele
Runacre Temple and Robert Valentine, and directed by Robert Valentine.

The Wireless Theatre Company has commissioned two further serials in The Springheel Saga;
The Legend of Springheel’d Jack, which has just concluded recording with it’s distinguished
guest star (see below), and The Secret of Springheel’d Jack, due to enter production in June.
All three episodes of The Strange Case Of Springheel’d Jack are available to download free via the
Wireless Theatre Company website, or on iTunes.

Listen to The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack as a free download here:
Or on the Wireless Theatre Company’s iTunes page
Robert Valentine and Jack Bowman will be flying to Minneapolis, MN, USA, to collect the
award at CONvergence on July 5th, 2012 on behalf of the entire production team.

*Mariele Runacre Temple, Robert Valentine and Jack Bowman; Radio Academy Radio Production Awards, 2011,
nominated for Best Drama Producers (The Strange Case Of Springheel’d Jack). Jack Bowman; Radio Academy
Radio Production Awards, 2011, nominated Best Radio Creative.
**Gareth Parker is the pen-name of Jack Bowman.


Photo (left to right): Silas Hawkins, Josephine Timmins, Robert Valentine, Adam Hall, Jack Bowman, Mariele Runacre, Julian Temple, Nicholas Parsons, Sue Casanove.

Hot on the heels of Stephen Fry joining the Wireless Theatre Company last week, comes the
exciting news that radio legend Nicholas Parsons, currently celebrating the 45th anniversary of
‘Just A Minute’, has been in the studio to take a major guest-role in the next installment of their ongoing Springheel Saga, as well as taking a cameo role in We Are The BBC.

“A legend for The Legend! I couldn’t have been more thrilled to welcome Nicholas Parson into the
Springheel family,” said Jack Bowman (co-writer, producer). “While he’s the colossal figure that
has driven Just A Minute to the top of it’s game for 45 years – and think about that, to be top of
your game for 45 years – it’s been a delight to see him return to his roots as a dramatic actor.
Years ago he broke my heart as the doomed Reverend Wainwright opposite Sylvester McCoy in
Doctor Who. And here he is, joining the cause – and just in time – as the world of the Springheel
Saga is about to get darker, and far more dangerous…”

“For The Legend of Springheel’d Jack we’re incredibly lucky to have the great Nicholas Parsons
guest-star as Cuthbert Leach, a Victorian stage magician with more to his magic act than meets
the eye. It’s not every day that you get to work with a national treasure, and his performance is
quite simply spellbinding,” said Robert Valentine (co-writer, producer, director).
The Legend of Springheel’d Jack takes place in London, 1845, and sees the return of
Christopher Finney as Jonah Smith, now promoted through the police ranks to Detective
Inspector. When 13-year-old Maria Davis is brutally murdered in Folly Ditch – supposedly killed by
Springheel Jack himself – Smith leaps headlong into action. However, while still as obsessed as
ever, he has his doubts as to the true identity of the attacker, observing grimly, “Jack’s never killed

What connects the murder of this young pick-pocket to a travelling theatre troupe? Why has
Charlotte Fitzrandolph, played by the returning Jessica Dennis, finally come back? And can it be
true – has the infamous, unstoppable terror of London returned, with murder on his mind?
The Legend of Springheel Jack also features another epic cast that includes Nicholas Parsons
(Just A Minute), John Holden-White, Andrew Shepherd (ASC Random, currently directing A
Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Chelsea Theatre), Neil McCormack (Taggart), Josephine
Timmins, respected stage actor Jeremy Stockwell, Ashley MacGuire (Harry Potter, Coronation
Street, Dead Boss), Philip Lawrence (Action Figure Theatre), and Silas Hawkins and many

It was produced by Jack Bowman, Mariele Runacre Temple and Robert Valentine, and directed by
Robert Valentine. The Legend of Springheel’d Jack is written by Robert Valentine and Gareth

The Legend Of Springheel’d Jack will begin release via the Wireless Theatre Company website and iTunes from early 2013.

Meanwhile, casting has now begun on the final instalment of The Springheel Saga – The Secret
Of Springheel’d Jack.