Nov 30

Dana Wilkey – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Exclusive Interview

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Frost Magazine have got an exclusive interview with the gorgeous Dana Wilkey, star of hit American TV show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Dana has recently bought a home in London’s Chelsea and is filming her own reality TV show, Rich and Ditched. The show is about Dana and her Irish millionaire businessman boyfriend, Philip Marley, setting up home in Central London and being ‘fish out of water’.


Dana has a huge profile in America and when she isn’t starring in  TV shows, she is a party planner for the Hollywood A List.  Her clients include Pierce Brosnan, Anthony Hopkins and  Bruce Willis.


What made you move to London?

I moved to London because I was looking for a fresh start from my Beverly Hills, CA saga.  It’s been a rough 6 months.  I have always loved London, have businesses there  and my new boyfriend and have good friends live there so it seemed like a natural progression of things.


What is your favourite thing about London?

My favourite thing about London is the currency!  To make money in the pound is the best possible situation to be in for the current global economy… oh! And I love the shopping and the level of your private clubs like Arts Club.
Why Chelsea?

Currently Chelsea seems like the hot spot to be in so I would of course want to live there and join the fun! Also I love the convenience of Kings Road and the fact that most of the brownstones have been redone with lots of modern touches that you don’t find in other more posh areas.

What is the premise of the show, Rich and Ditched?

I have been ditched by my friends in Beverly Hills and my ex fiancé.  I am moving to London to start over and hopefully FINALLY fine my prince charming.  I have 5 people that are both married and single that are all living in London but pretty much all came from some other country that I hang out with and well let’s say the sparks fly on a bunch of fronts…cultural conflict, relationship issues, American fish out of water in London syndrome and the usual cattiness you see on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!


How much has The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills changed your life?

It has changed my life for the positive and I continue to support the show and fans whenever possible.   If you try to shoot and be honest without a filter it can be a fun experience even if you look like an idiot in the final edit.  You must get over all your fears to be on a reality show so it can be an experience that can help you grow as a person also you meet so many amazing people through the opportunities it can provide.
Why did you leave?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shot some of this so I don’t want to disclose this until I know for sure what will air, but let’s just say my life over the last 6 months has been like the worst movie of the week you can imagine and now I want to have a chance at the Disney ending.


How do you feel London will differ from Beverly Hills?

On the down side, the differences are the weather obviously, the systems are more cumbersome and SOME of the people can be really judgemental and reserved compared to what I’m used to.  On the upside, London at the wealthiest levels make Beverly Hills look like the poo so that should make for some good parties, shopping is similar and the average person is so much more global which is so important!


What party planning tips can you give us?

I need more info on this question…for what type of party and what budget?


What is the best party you have been to?

Monaco Grand Prix ball with Wycliffe and U2.
What is the best party you have planned?

I rented the RM Elegant, which at the time, was the 17th largest yacht in the world during the Cannes Film festival. I then outfitted the yacht rooms with different vibes of décor and lighting.  You had to have a credit card to get on the yacht even if you were invited to the events so it was super exclusive and the talk of Cannes that year. I had Bruce Willis, Bret Ratnor and Petra Nemcova, etc on the yacht that year.


What are your plans for Christmas?

I am doing a winter wonderland theme with complete lighting and build out at my house.  I am famous for my Christmas decorations and lights in America. I will host a dinner for about 14 people in my movie theatre in London that will be especially decorated for the Holiday.