Mar 22

Moroccan Oil Review

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In the three years since I started Frost Magazine I have been sent a lot of stuff, and Moroccan Oil is one of my favourites.

Moroccan Oil has only been going for six years and in that time it has become a cult product. All of my friends raved about it and I just never got around to buying it. The main reason was I just didn’t get the whole oil + hair thing. Wouldn’t it leave it greasy? Or limp?

Well, no. I have fine hair and I am careful to not use products that will drag it down, but Moroccan Oil does not do that. In fact it leaves my hair super shiny, conditioned and de-tangled. My hair goes through a lot. I act and spend my life getting my hair curled, blow dried, backcombed and cornrowed so they can then attach a wig. If it was a person, it would have been in hospital. Before trying the moroccan_oil_light_treatment_25mlMoroccan Oil it was really tangled. It would take me ages to get a brush through it. I used the Moroccan Oil products and ran a brush straight through my hair, no problem at all.

I use Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo, Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner and Moroccan Oil Treatment Light. The Moroccan Oil smells amazing. Even my boyfriend comments on it, and in one single use my hair looks the best I can remember it looking. Bouncy, healthy, shiny and with volume. I can’t stop stroking my hair.

When I mentioned to a few friends that I had been sent the Moroccan Oil to review they said they were jealous and that I would never use anything again, they may be right. I give the product top marks.