May 27

Mobile Etiquette

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The mobile phone can be our closest ally at times, helping us make our lives easier and our days more efficient, these obvious advantages do not come without their drawbacks – many of which highlight the negative impact they can have on our society.

Recent research has uncovered the surprising truth; that although the majority of the public believe that use of mobile phones in public places is a nuisance, there are still many individuals who cannot differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate use of their mobile phones, when it comes to when and where they should or should not use them.

Research found that funerals topped the list of the most unacceptable events at which to use a phone, ahead of driving, being at the cinema or during a wedding. Studies have brought to light the worrying evidence that 1 in 6 Britons has admitted to making or receiving a call, or texting or using social media when they should have been paying their last respects at a funeral service.

Mobile Phone Etiquette at Funerals

Mobile Phone Etiquette at Funerals [Infographic] by the team at Co-operative Funeralcare