May 04

Pre Cannes Festival 2013 | Social Diary

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May 2nd saw the Pre Cannes Festival. The press release said, “With the very special participation of celebrity guests Carol Cleveland (Monthy Pythons), Patricia Inder (John Lennon’s & Lemmy of Motorhead’s). And Jonathan Hansler (Axed the movie, Cadbury ads), British actress and writer Catherine Balavage, Zoe Griffin author of the book “Get Rich Blogging”, Andrea Iervolino the youngest and most successful Italian producer all the way from Italy.”
Yes, yours truly was honoured to be presented for my acting work. I was quite thrown when Paola Berta told me I would be presented at the event. Lots of thanks to her and congratulations on the event. I was interviewed by Fashion TV amongst others and I had a wonderful time.
Catherine Balavage being interviewed by Fashion TV.

Catherine Balavage being interviewed by Fashion TV.

The event was held at No 5, 5 Cavendish square. It is a beautiful and classy venue. I mingled with Zoe and actor Jonathan Hansler while Fabio Tedde & Paul Wiffen played piano.
Pointing out the Frost logo. We have sponsored the event for the past two years.

Pointing out the Frost logo. We have sponsored the event for the past two years.

I bumped into the vivacious and beautiful Zoe Griffin, author of “Get Rich Blogging” and owner of excellent blog Live Like a VIP, who were kind enough to mention me in the coverage of the event.
I also had a great chat with the makers of new energy drink Think Drink, an energy drink that is natural and tastes great. We also chatted with Delights of Italy who make amazing cupcakes and entirely edible flowers. They were beautiful and delicious.
We also saw some great films from the Cannes Short Corner Official Selections.
SOMEBODY TO LOVE by Braine Hownd FilmsCAVIAR 2 by Beluga Films

COLONEL BADD by Tiger Dreams

UNSPOKEN by Oakman Films

KIR ROYALE by Beluga Films

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There were also great talks from marketing specialist Kathy Ennis, LA producer and entrepreneur CHRISTIE HSIAO of SERENITY  MEDIA GROUP, British actress and theatre producer VICKY MCKELLER, Gentiane Piovanacci, editor of MAMARAZZI news magazine, popular french artist LADYKAT and from Spain, Mac Chakaveh, president of the MARBELLA FILM FESTIVAL.


Keep an eye out for more photos from the event.