Jun 28

First-ever anti-ageing supplement range launches at Harrods

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First-ever anti-ageing supplement range launches at Harrods

California’s favourite supplement brand, Nature’s Plus, is launching a groundbreaking new range of anti-ageing supplements to help promote the youthful vitality of Harrods’ finest.

The Nature’s Plus AgeLoss range is an entirely new approach to promoting good health, it works to counteract harmful free radicals that can lead to inflammation whilst also giving the body a healthy boost.

Step 1
With Vitamin D for healthy immune function1, antioxidant vitamins and minerals* and organic whole foods, Nature’s Plus AgeLoss First Day provides unparalleled nutritional activity.

Step 2
AgeLoss Women’s Multi features a vibrant offering of botanicals and amino acids to support a woman’s quality of life, it is the first-ever women’s multivitamin enhanced to promote youthful, restorative wellness in the female body’s organs and systems via specialised antioxidant nutrition.2

Step 3
Customise your quality-of-life programme by selecting the individual formulas in the AgeLoss range most appropriate for the bodily systems you wish to address. Each product employs specialised antioxidant blends, each designed to uniquely address the free radicals of specific tissues or systems.

·      Promote a healthy digestive system with Digestion Support†
·      Uplift your energy levels with Energy Support†
·      Take care of your eyesight with Eye Support†
·      Maintain your joint health with Joint Support†
·      Feel on top form with Immune Support†
·      Promote a radiant skin with Skin Support†

Maintaining good health is now just as easy as picking a new dress.


• Nature’s Plus AgeLoss range is available at Harrods
• AgeLoss Women’s Multi £28.45 (for 60 tablets)
• AgeLoss First Day £47.45 (for 90 tablets)