Dec 20

Michelle Williams: “I Have Struggled To Find Acting Work For Three Years”

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michelle williams i haven't find work in three yearsActress Michelle Williams has opened up about her difficulty finding acting work in the past three years.

She is getting acclaim for new film, indie drama Manchester by the Sea, which is one of only three films she has been in since 2013. In an interview with Porter magazine she put it down to trends:

“In the past three years I have found it really hard to get work, It is very seasonal, you know, your popularity or marketability or whatever these things are, and I’ve been like in a little bit in a winter… My expectation, because of my early experiences, is failure, and so when something good happens for me, I am dazzled by it, I am like on my knees, I am just so grateful, so happy, so excited, because it’s not what I expect,”

Luckily she has two films coming out in 2017 Wonderstruck and The Greatest Showman.

The 36-year-old actress is also worried that roles might dry up when she turns 40.

“People talk about it like it’s a sort of cliff that everybody gets pushed off! It’s hard to imagine that you’ve reached this kind of age where suddenly the rug is pulled from underneath your feet.”


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