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Jan 10


By Peter Meyer, author of The Boy from the Wild Most of us dream about quitting the 9-5 (or is that the 8-7) rat race, but few ever do.  The author Peter Meyer is proof that following a dream can be more than just a daydream. He hung up his suit and left a highly-paid …

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Apr 06

Debra Messing ‘Pressured’ to Go Nude in A Walk in the Clouds

Debra Messing has revealed she was “pressured” to shoot a nude scene in 1995 film A Walk in the Clouds by the director Alfonso Arau and the film’s producers. The Will & Grace star starred opposite Keanu Reeves in the film, it was her first major film and was not a pleasant experience. She also said that …

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Dec 22

Monday Club A Collective For Actors and Creatives

Monday Club is a collective of creatives who meet once a week as a company of actors, dancers, writers, directors and more to generate new ideas and to share skills from our various artistic backgrounds. We encourage collaboration and the development of new writing and performance, and support individuals in the exploration and achievement of their …

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Dec 20

Michelle Williams: “I Have Struggled To Find Acting Work For Three Years”

Actress Michelle Williams has opened up about her difficulty finding acting work in the past three years. She is getting acclaim for new film, indie drama Manchester by the Sea, which is one of only three films she has been in since 2013. In an interview with Porter magazine she put it down to trends: “In the past …

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Sep 14

Interview With casting director, coach, actress & founder of Sound Advice Kate McClanaghan

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.  I’m a seasoned casting director, producer, coach, actress and founder of SOUND ADVICE, a unique, one-stop option for unparalleled voice over coaching, and exceptional demo production for all skill and experience levels. I had been a freelance producer since I was 19 years old, producing commercials for Coca-Cola, …

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Jul 07

Zoe Saldana: Being a Working Mother is The “Biggest Battle”

Avatar actress Zoe Saldana has said that juggling her career while raising her twins is her “biggest battle”, because her requests for childcare is seen as a perk. Zoe and husband Marco Perego welcomed their twins, Bowie and Cy, 19-months ago. “It should not be considered a perk, I’m not asking for a masseuse on set. I’m asking you …

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Jun 21

Elisabeth Banks Was “Too Old” To Play Tobey Maguire’s Girlfriend In Spider-Man At 28

In an interview with the ever-amazing Glamour Magazine, Elizabeth Banks has revealed that she was deemed “too old” too play Toby Maguire’s Girlfriend in Spider Man, despite being close in age. Now 42, Banks had a screen test with Tobey Maguire for the film that was released in 2002. She was rejected for the role …

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Jun 16

Patricia Clarkson Says ‘A white male actor should never complain’

Patricia Clarkson has hit out at people who complain about female-led movie. The 56-year-old actress has had an illustrious career spanning decades, but she has faced pay inequality and notes that there is still a backlash. She used the new Ghostbusters film as an example, which stars an all-female lead cast which includes Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. …

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