Jun 29

Gazelli White Oil Eye Cream: The Ancient Healing Power of Black Tea

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gazelli eye creamI have been reviewing Gazelli Triple Youth White Oil Reviving Eye Cream. Many beauty writers are not huge fans of eye creams, believing that their promises don’t live up to the hype. I take them on individual merit and have always thought a good eye cream is a worthwhile investment. The eye area is delicate and most face creams say to avoid the delicate eye area. And this is where Gazelli Triple Youth White Oil Reviving Eye Cream really becomes a winner. It is so light and it absorbs so well. It has the perfect consistency for an eye cream. It can also be used as a lightweight moisturiser so is perfect for travel.

But what ingredients are in it, and is it any good? The eye cream has regenerative Gazelli White Oil to accelerate cell renewal and revive the eye contour area, reducing dark circles and targeting puffiness. Fine lines are diminished with improved elasticity and skin is left looking firm, bright and youthful. It also has black tea and peptides which are made up of amino acids. They penetrate the skin and stimulate the production of collagen to plump and tone the skin. This is what Gazelli say about the black tea:


Camellia Sinensis
Black tea is rich in vitamins (B2, C, and E,) minerals (magnesium, potassium, zinc), essential oils, polyphenols and tannins. It is a mild stimulant and has anti-inflammatory properties, also acting as an astringent to tighten and soothe the skin, and reduce puffiness in the eye area.

Overall they say their eye cream

• Increases elasticity

• Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

• Improves the appearance of dark circles

• Reduces puffiness


I have been using the eye cream for a while now and I do think it is good. I am a working mother so if I don’t use a good product on my face I get dark circles. This is a lightweight eye cream that is keeping everything intact. It is pricey at £45, but it is the best eye cream I have used.