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Apr 23

Spring is Pastels

The Pastels are here and they’re gearing up to take to our spring wardrobes. The beautiful feminine style is one to keep your eyes open for this season, the beautiful blues, greens and purples as well as the girlie pinks and the graceful yellows, a trend to really keep up to date with. The pastel …

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Apr 23

Sleeping Beauty: Night Time Beauty Products Review Part One

Beauty sleep may be one of those clichés that is actually true. Your body rejuvenates when you are sleeping so make the most of it by upping your game with some great products. We are sourcing the best ones, starting with these three beauts. Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Nighttime Moisturizer. Eight hour cream is …

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Apr 15

Tan Organic

Are you loving being on the pale side at present, embracing the lighter side of life. Not being one for sunning yourself and do you wear factor 50 all year round. Like many you may have found our skin is so much plumper and heathy looking without the Summer sun damage. So when we do …

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Apr 12

Heaven Bee Venom Mask Review

When I am tired, dehydrated or run down I get these horrible little lines on my forehead. If I drink some water and get some sleep they disappear but I am getting more worried about them becoming permanent. It’s easy to think aging is okay when you are in your early-twenties or teens (Hello 23-year-old …

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Apr 11

My Skincare Secrets By Nakita Grewal

I’m going to share a skincare secret of mine, well of my mums. As the teenage years approached me I battled with the dark side of teenage acne, I tried skincare product after skin care product, spending from a few pounds into hundreds but I never found a product I was satisfied with. Not only …

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Apr 10

Osmo Hair Products Review

We got sent a parcel full of Osmo hair products. We were quite excited when we opened the envelope. Has it given us amazing hair? Read on and find out… Osmo Deep Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner This shampoo is perfect for dry, permed, coloured or heat traumatised hair. It contains Essential Oils of Patchouli and …

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