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Nov 22

Struggling To Get Pregnant? Losing Weight Will Help

One of the many reasons that women, and occasionally men, come to see me for weight loss advice is because they want to start a family, but are struggling. Did you know that obesity is a major cause of difficulty getting pregnant – and can increase the risk of miscarriage or problems during pregnancy and …

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Nov 18

Jaime King Talks About Infertility & Enduring Five Miscarriages

Jaime King may be a very happy mother now but she endured years of painful infertility and five miscarriages due to PCOS & Endometriosis. The Hart of Dixie star shared her struggles to become pregnant. “For all the struggling women & moms out there that think they are alone – This is the truth about …

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Nov 17

Lara Stone Shows Off Post-Baby Body in Photoshop-Free Photoshoot

I am not normally a fan of nude pictures of women. Most are degrading or just calls for attention from the otherwise talentless. Not so much for Lara Stone however, who has bravely showed off her post-baby body one year after childbirth sans photoshop. The 30-year-old Danish model and wife of our very own David Walliams …

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Nov 11

Remescar Review

Scars and stretch marks can really get you down. We should all love our flaws but sometimes it is not easy, especially when in a prominent or inconvenient place. We reviewed Remescar and Remescar Stretch Marks to see if they made a difference. Remescar says it is a clinically proven treatment that offers a completely new approach and remarkable results in …

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Nov 07

Salon Science: AnaGain Review – For Thicker, Fuller, Denser Hair

Frost is reviewing something a bit different: In recent years there has been a huge leap forward in plant bio-active and stem cell technology which has provided access to superior formulations and ingredients which have not, until now, been available in haircare. Salon Science  is a brand new haircare collection of 18 products that uses plant …

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Nov 04

Quick Tips Before You Buy Any Beauty Product

Being a woman, you exactly know what type of product will suit your look. But when a new product arrives in the market or a product that has never been used by you, what should you do? Here are some quick tips to help you buy the right product so that you don’t end up …

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