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Aug 17

Celebrity favourite cosmetics brand launches in the British Museum Shops

In support of the BP exhibition Sunken cities: Egypt’s lost worlds 19 May – 27 November 2016 Today’s make up review is sold in the prestige British Museum’s shops. Pretty impressive. Make up and art collide with the British Museum’s collaboration with ‘Eye of Horus’, a famous award-winning international cosmetic brand. Loved by the media worldwide and many celebrities, …

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Aug 03

Don’t trust your scales – why you should be focusing on reducing your visceral fat, not your weight

By Andy Kay, Training Manager at British Military Fitness  If you’ve been watching your scales to see if your exercise regime is paying off, you might be wasting your time. New research has found that doing between two and four months of endurance training can cause either no, or very minimal, reduction in body weight, …

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Jul 29

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight Review

I am a fan of La Roche-Posay. I always find their products are good to my skin. The Toleriane Ultra Overnight is for sensitive skin, combining powerful antioxidant with soothing active ingredients. I have been using this for a few months now and I am a huge fan. It is lightweight on skin and sinks in well. It really …

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Jul 25

The Sunshine Vitamin By Abbigail Langstone – Wring

A  COMPLEMENTARY  PRACTICE with Abbigail  Langstone – Wring. BSc  SBRCP  MAR. THE SUNSHINE VITAMIN. Why is it that people feel happier and appear healthier in the summer ? Could it be due to the fact that people feel more physically able to get outdoors in the fresh air when the weather is more clement and …

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Jul 19

Overdone The Sun? Soleve Sunburn Relief Review by Margaret Graham

With summer, perhaps at last here, Frost is interested in Soleve Sunburn Relief. This means, that if the worst happens, and you sit out in the sun for too long you can make sure you have some help. Not only is Soleve Sunburn Relief  licenced but it combines  ibuprofen with a soothing emollient, isopropyl myristate. …

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Jul 12

Why We Have To Get Rid Of The Notion of a Bikini Body Forever

Women Either Have To Exercise, Diet and be Subjected to Photoshop, Or Be Told How “Brave” They Are For Having “Real” Bodies. And that has got to stop. It’s summer and with that comes dieting, exercising, fake tanning, dry body brushing, exfoliating, waxing and moisturising. It includes hundreds of products and doing our hair and …

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Jul 05

Breast Cancer: in the young, the pregnant and with family history

On 17th September, the UK’s leading annual event for anyone affected by breast cancer will take place. There will be information from a range of experts, including Frost Magazine’s medical consultant Dr Kathleen Thompson.  Registration: 10.00 am – coffee. Morning session:  diagnosis, management and treatment for young women  DIAGNOSIS : 10.30 Chairs introduction. Chairs: Mark Ho-Asjoe (St Thomas), Laura Johnson …

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Jul 01

Vida Glow Review

We all have our health hypocrisies. Mine used to be that I would only take prescription pills under dire circumstances, but was a sucker for any ‘natural’ health supplement. Luckily I saw the ridiculousness of my reasoning. I am still fussy about what I put in my body, but now I always do my research. I …

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