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Jan 25

Zuzka … Capturing The Power Of Nature

  With time being today’s luxury, finding cosmetics and treatments that make the most of our time-consuming beauty maintenance is a constant struggle. I’ve been using three products from the Zuzka ‘Botanicals’ range for the last few weeks, a brand founded by Susan Kohutova, a qualified beauty specialist and registered medical herbalist, with over 20 …

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Jan 21

How To Delay The Menopause

According to the NHS, the most common age for menopause to start is 51 – which is when we start to experience symptoms; aching joints, depression, lack of energy, lack of libido, weight gain, concentration problems, headaches and, most commonly, hot flushes and night sweats. Although the onset of menopause is strongly influenced by our …

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Jan 14

UK Women Confess Their Beauty Secrets

I have never been high maintenance. No fake tan, no false eyelashes. In fact, in the past my husband was lucky if I brushed my hair on the weekends. Truth is, men prefer women when they are not wearing makeup but that does not stop us being insecure. While there are certain things I will …

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Jan 08

15 Ways To Get Lean And Eat Clean In 2015

By Mark Wood, Head Training Tutor at British Military Fitness  With the January blues in full swing, most of us need a helping hand when it comes to kick starting our New Year fitness regimes. The festive season of overindulgence is over and here at British Military Fitness (BMF), we have put together 15 top tips to make …

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Jan 05

Beauty Resolutions To Stick With

The New Year always brings out the best of intentions for everyone whether or not these last is another thing, unlike those pesky Christmas pounds. Some resolutions are worth keeping however and these beauty resolutions will pay off in years to come. Throw Out Your Old Makeup Old makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria. …

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Dec 26

How To Keep Your Skin In Tip-Top Shape This Winter

Winter can really leave your skin looking awful. It is not just the weather outside, central heating indoors can also take a toll. The differences in temperature and humidity can dry skin out and leave it looking red. Cell turnover can also slow down resulting in dry, flaky skin. So what to do? The best …

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Dec 23

Christmas Beauty Looks


Christmas Beauty Looks 2015 Christmas Beauty, don’t you love it? When else do you get to be so glam and over-the-top? As long as no-one mistakes you for a Christmas tree, it is all good. However, Christmas can feel like a marathon of endless parties and family get-togethers. Your hair and make up has to …

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Dec 20

Christmas Beauty Gift List

Christmas is here and decorations are up, it is a time for joy and happiness. To spread a little joy of your own we have put together a Christmas Beauty Gift List. If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet then buy one of these beauties for your nearest and dearest.   Chanel No 5  …

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