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Jul 18

bac< Shoulder Brace Review

There are a few slouchers in the Frost office so we jumped at the chance to review the new bac< shoulder brace. Let’s find out if it works… First of all, it is relatively easy to get on, as long as you follow the instructions. Yes, I know, we all hate following instructions but it …

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Jul 15

5 Ways to Keep Your Willpower in Tip-Tip Condition

By Dr Sally Norton. Weight Loss Surgeon, Health Expert, Founder of “If something is going to work, it has to be easy to sustain. In other words, you don’t need much willpower to make it happen and to keep it up for good. We all know that our self-discipline can flag when we are …

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Jul 11

Remescar Review: Does It Get Rid of Stretchmarks?

Apparently a huge number of men are suffering from stretch marks as they try to get buff Hollywood bodies in the gym.   30% of customers buying anti-stretch mark products are now male and experts say demand is being driven by men in their mid-30’s ‘pumping iron’ causing their muscles to grow too rapidly for their …

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Jul 11

E’Lifexir Flat Tummy Plus Review | Summer Essentials

We get sent a lot of stuff to review at Frost but these were a particular favourite because they really work. Take four a day and, hello!, flat tummy. They also leave you feeling healthier and less bloated. You can take two a day but we prefer to take four. They taste great, like mints …

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Jul 03

Benecos Makeup Review

This brand is a new one to me and its really lovely with simple packaging and the look of clean lines. This natural young brand is all about affordable high quality products that deliver essentials to all women. This young label was founded in Germany at the end of 2008 and the name Benecos stands for …

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Jun 24

Déjà Vu Boutique (Ipswich) – Been Here Before? Certainly Worth A Return Visit!


It’s widely understood that fashion is fickle but this little gem in the heart of Ipswich bucks the trend.  Mandy Errington is the creative force behind Déjà Vu, a ‘chic and unique’ shopping experience renowned for being Suffolk’s ‘top-to-toe unique boutique’. Déjà Vu attracts the right kind of attention, with one-off pre-loved, vintage, exclusive designer …

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