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Aug 23

Suki Waterhouse Shows Off Her 111SKIN Selfie

It’s not every day that we’d take beauty advice from a self-proclaimed ‘Facemask Monster’ but Suki Waterhouse took to Instagram last night to share an insight into her skincare regime. Suki showed off the 111SKIN Bio Cellulose Mask via video, and while admittedly not her finest look, the mask is a quick and effective weekly …

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Aug 22

NHP Nutri Argan Beautifying Elixir Beauty Review

My hair frequently looks like a frizz bomb. Depending on the weather it ranges from tangled to full-out frizzy nightmare. Finding out about Argan oil has been something of a lifesaver. It truly is a wonder ingredient so I was happy to review NHP Nutri Argan Beautifying Elixir. An intensive, multi-tasking, haircare product. This wonder product can …

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Aug 21

Soleve Sunburn Relief Review | Health

Summer may feel like a distant memory but there are still a few lucky ones on holiday. In the hope of some future summer days, or future holidays we have reviewed Soleve Sunburn Relief. It is the first licensed product of its type specifically formulated to ease the pain and discomfort of mild to moderate sunburn.  …

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Aug 21

Back Nodger Review | Health

After an injury on a film set I am now unfortunately one of those people who are in possession of a bad back. The most annoying thing about it is the limitations it places on you. Pain isn’t fun so anything that helps your back is worth the money and the time. So we agreed …

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Aug 18

Think Dirty App Tells You How Toxic Your Cosmetics Are

It is no secret that the bees are dying because of pesticide abuse and that all of the toxic chemicals they put in our toothpaste and make up are affecting our health. The madness of the world is that if we don’t want nasty pesticides on our fruit and veg then we have to pay …

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Aug 13

CurraNZ Supplement Review | Health

We are on a major health kick here at Frost and always looking for the next health trend. Fitness supplements are always big news, anything that makes the body work a bit better or the skin looking healthier. So we tried new natural supplement, CurraNZ, which is made from 100% concentrated New Zealand blackcurrant powder, …

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