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Sep 28

Women ‘Three Times More Likely to die of Heart Disease than Breast Cancer’

Cardiovascular disease kills as many women in the UK as it does men, accounting for a combined total of 155,000 deaths each year or one death every three minutes. More than 30,000 women die from coronary heart disease in the UK every year with over 700,000 women living with the consequences of heart disease and …

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Sep 21

Hyalual® … Could This Be The Breakthrough In Anti-aging Therapy?

Skincare is my thing. Forever on the lookout for the best beauty products, they must be effective, easy to use, smell good, give me a glowing complexion and an English Rose peachiness. It’s not too much to ask… But it’s a skincare minefield out there. Which brand do you choose? Spoilt for choice, it’s a …

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Sep 21

Organii : Organic Shea Butter Shower Gel | Beauty

We reviewed Organii : Organic Shea Butter Shower Gel. Organii is not very well known but is an organic brand created by Pravera. The packaging is super cute, fun and stylish. Although it looked a bit like a smoothy and it made me want to drink it. At £5.95 for 300ml it is an affordable price point …

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Sep 18

Do Medicines Cost Too Much? By Dr Kathleen Thompson

The UK Cancer Drug Fund, which funds non-NHS cancer treatments, has removed twenty-five drugs off its list recently, to combat a £100 million (and rising) overspend. This highlights a recurring dilemma of modern healthcare. Medical science is advancing with cosmic speed. Patients with desperate diseases have new hope. Genetic advances allow personalised medicine for enhanced …

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Sep 15

ASDA Protect Kids Ice-Cream Scented Sun-Care For Kids Review

Asda has launched a UK 1st for the sun-care market with its own brand ice-cream scented sun lotion for kids. In an effort to help make applying children with suncream fun and easy, the lotions and creams feature a delicious vanilla scent and are priced a just £3.50. All products featured in the range are highly water …

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Sep 10

SmartSun Wristband Review | Parenting

We reviewed the SmartSun Wristband. An ingenious way of keeping safe in the sun for children and adults. They are very easy to use and they work well. The bands are single use and come in a pack of 5. These bands can be used by all ages to protect your skin from the sun’s …

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Aug 26

A Complementary Practice – Abbigail Langstone – Wring | Stress Busting

STRESS BUSTING I was booked to deliver a talk entitled “Stress Busting” at a local Women’s Institute meeting in a picturesque village church hall, wearing my ‘speakers’ hat’. After a formal introduction, I invited the ladies to share experiences. A  lively and productive conversation ensued. The majority expressed their understanding of being stressed in terms of emotional …

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Aug 24

Abbigail Langstone-Wring BSc.SBRCP.ICR – Complementary Practitioner

Really good news – the fabulous Abbigail Langstone-Wring has just found a slot in her busy life to be able to write a regular complementary health feature for Frost Magazine. I met Abbigail  a few years ago when she helped me to recover from the after effects of an infuriatingly persistent case of shingles. Gail …

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