Oct 24

Secrets of Glo | Beauty Review

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Secrets of Glo is a new beauty brand from actress, model and musician Glo Butane. Handmade with love, her serum can be used in conjunction with your existing beauty regime, or alone. All the ingredients are natural and UK sourced. There is approximately a one month supply in a bottle. It is for crows feets, laughter lines, veins…basically any problem you are having with your skin. It minimises the look of age lines. You leave it to soak in for 10 minutes and then massage it in and then apply your regular moisturiser.

Glo has always been passionate about essential oils, but she did not develop the serum until she was pregnant with D-R, when she noticed lines and veins popping up everywhere, and could not use her regular products because they had unsafe ingredients that could affect her child’s development. Because this formula is natural and it works it has been a part of her skincare regime ever since.

This is a brilliant serum and I highly recommend it. A great, natural product that really works.