Jan 05

Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap Review

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Ergo baby have launched new Aura Baby Wrap, an ergonomically designed lightweight wrap which gives parents the freedom to enjoy their baby, hands free and Frost has reviewed it. 
I am a huge fan of baby slings. They tend to soothe a crying baby and you can breastfeed with them on the go. The Aura baby wrap has the advantage of being able to breastfeed without using a breastfeeding scarf. Perfect for when you forget your scarf, which I have done many times and then had a panic. Some baby wraps and slings really hurt your back but this one sits well and is comfortable. Putting it on is daunting at first. You spread it out and it looks impossible but it is easy when you get the hang of it. Even for me. It also has an integrated pocket for storage.
I cannot say how much I love this wrap. It is light and breathable for baby. It is also soft against the skin. It looks good and baby loves it. I cannot recommend it enough. Baby is happy, safe and secure up to 13.6kg or 30lbs. A parenting essential.

The Aura Baby Wrap comes in three stylish colourways; Grey Stripes, Indigo and Sage and comes in a light and durable fabric which keeps babies cool when snuggled up close to the parent’s body.