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  1. Fruitvale Station Film Review | Sundance 2014 — April 29, 2014
  2. Little Accidents Film Review | Sundance 2014 — April 28, 2014
  3. Third Contact Film Review — March 24, 2014
  4. Crystal Fairy Film Review — February 7, 2014
  5. American Hustle | Film Review — January 8, 2014

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Apr 29

Fruitvale Station Film Review | Sundance 2014

One of the most praised dramas at Sundance USA last year and early Oscar contender to boot, Fruitvale Station finally got it’s UK bow at this year’s festival. The true story drama has been hoovering up acclaim and awards over the last year and it is very easy to see why. Over the course of …

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Apr 28

Little Accidents Film Review | Sundance 2014

Recent news stories of industrial mining accidents across the world linger in the background of this stark, character based drama from debut feature director Sara Colangelo. Expanded from her short film of the same name and assisted via the Sundance Institute’s Writers Lab, the story focuses on a rural Appalachian community devastated by a disaster …

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Mar 24

Third Contact Film Review

A permanent sense of dread and the unknown hangs over this impressive low budget British psychological thriller from debut writer and director Si Horrocks. Filmed on location in London for a shoestring budget and on a single handheld camera, the film has benefited enormously from a successful Kickstarter campaign, pulling in independent funds to secure …

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Feb 07

Crystal Fairy Film Review

A young American in a foreign land, ignorant to the culture and the language, at the crossroads of life, in search cheap booze and an ecstatic high. At first impressions, Crystal Fairy seems depressingly familiar. I’ve personally seen enough dopey nonsense about Americans running amok overseas to last a lifetime. Thankfully such thoughts are quickly …

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Jan 08

American Hustle | Film Review

‘Some of this actually happened’ states the opening title card of David O. Russell’ s freewheeling and acerbic comedic caper. It’s a sly and flippant and comment that not only reflects on the crisscross narrative that we are about to receive. It also matches the confident swagger of The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook, the …

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Nov 20

In Fear Film Review

The backroads and woods of rural Ireland open up to steady and relentless menace in this psychological horror thriller, the debut feature of writer and director Jeremy Lovering. The basic setup is familiar and uncomplicated; Lucy and Tom (Alice Englert and Iain De Caestecker), a young couple in the first weeks of a burgeoning relationship, …

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Nov 08

How To Survive A Plague | Film Review

Nominated for the Academy Award for best documentary feature earlier this year, How To Survive A Plague arrives on these shores this week. With a engrossing yet intimate scope, the film examines the outbreak of the AIDS virus in the 1980’s and specifically its impact in Greenwich Village, New York. Faced with underwhelming medical advancement …

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Nov 07

Utopia Film Review

Author, journalist and filmmaker John Pilger has spent the last four decades providing a voice for the vulnerable and powerless. He has worked up an impressive resume of work, picking up a Bafta and Emmy in the process, that tackles the theme of division between the powers to be and those considered to be ‘lesser’ individuals …

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