Jan 07

Suits Season Two Preview

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Suits was a legal drama that lived up to the hype when it premiered last year. The tale of two lawyers, one experienced and one a drop out who blags his way into a firm that only takes Harvard graduates, was entertaining and smart. So there is no surprise that Suits is back for season two.

The Suits series 2 premiere (from Thursday 24th January, 9pm ) is a strong start into the new season.

Spoiler Alert.

Jessica finds out that Mike did not go to Harvard and lied to get into the firm. She tells Harvey to fire him but he can’t. Will his job be saved?

Elsewhere in the episode a women who has had her book idea stolen goes up against Mike, who decided to help her.

Their is a great relationship between Harvey and his secretary, Donna.

Rachel drunk dialed Mike after they kissed but he did not get the message because it was deleted. As Rachel tells Donna, it was a ‘kiss good enough to drunk dial’. Will they get together?

Some top quotes from the episode:

Are you mad at me? Good. If you are mad it means you are not panicking.

We are at a funeral and you are quoting Highlander? Yeah, a lot of people die in it. It seemed appropriate.

Brilliant college drop-out, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) continues to live a lie in the highly-anticipated second series of the excellent legal drama. Guided by his cocky and confident boss, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), Mike continues to fool those around him that he is a fully-qualified lawyer.

Suits is still on form. Great entertainment.

Jessica knows about Mike. She lets Harvey know that she knows too and puts pressure on Harvey to get rid of him before he hurts the company. While Harvey must decide whether or not to keep Mike on staff, the firm’s co-founder, Daniel Hardman (recurring guest star, David Costabile) returns after a prolonged absence following the death of his wife. Despite claiming to be a changed man, it is clear there is no love lost between Daniel and Jessica and Harvey must choose sides.