Feb 06

New Film From The Makers of Prose & Con

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Filmmakers Catherine Balavage and Steve McAleavy.

The filmmakers behind Prose & Cons, a black comedy about poetry, alcoholism and plagiarism, have started an ambitious new project: The Descending of Fate.

The script is written by Catherine Balavage who also co-wrote Prose & Cons. It will be produced, directed and edited by Catherine and filmmaking partner Steve McAleavy.

The film is about a 10-year-old boy who kills his best friend. Was it an accident? Can people be rehabilitated? Can forgiveness every be given, to yourself and others? And is it right that someone should be blamed for the worst thing they have done for the rest of their life?

A dark drama about criminal responsibility and healing. Will life ever be the same again?

[disclaimer: Catherine Balavage writes for this magazine]