Feb 13

Valentine’s Day For Dummies | Book Review

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Valentine’s Day is, by far, the most romantically anticipated day of the year, but there is no need to panic! For those in search of a potential partner, to those wanting to get their relationship back on track For Dummies has published a number of guides which will help make this Valentine’s Day a great success. Frost Magazine’s writers got their head in a book to review the guides. Check out what they thought below.

Flirting For Dummies

Elizabeth Clark

Our writer says:

“I have never been good at flirting. I just do not know how to do it and envy people who can. I read the book as soon as it arrives and I started putting it into practice when I could. I have been single for nearly a year and was dreading Valentine’s Day.

The first chapter is about the making of a successful flirt. It teaches you the fundamentals, spotting signals and avoiding pitfalls. I immediately start to realise what I am doing wrong.

Chapter three moves into overcoming a fear of rejection. Something that has become a problem. I had quite a bad break up and the thought of another man hurting me was hard to cope with.

After finishing the book I do become much better at flirting. I find it easier to start dating when I have the tools and knowledge to know how to flirt. I have started dating again and I am very positive about my flirting future. I also love the ten ways unwanted admirers can strike in the back. This is a fun, witty book.


There is still time for the unlucky in love to brush up on their flirting skills and bag themselves a date this Valentine’s day. Flirting For Dummies provides readers with the know-how and confidence to getting it right when it comes to flirting effectively and without embarrassment.  Exploring key areas including listening and communication skills, body language and self-image, Flirting For Dummies has all the tools needed to boost self-confidence and engage with people in a natural and charming way.


 Body Language For Dummies

Elizabeth Kuhnke

Our writer says:

“I love body language. I think it is very underrated and I have read a few books on the subject. Sometimes it can be hard to read the opposite sex so I was hoping this book would help.

This book covers all aspects of body language. It has handy pictures and is very easy to read. As all of the Dummies guide are.  It tells you all about body language and how to use your own to get what you want. I noticed that sometime when I say things people take it the wrong way, now I put the tips in the book into practice and it has made a difference. I really liked this book. It is a great body language book. I even use it with my partner. Good book. ”



Having an insight into body language can be a great asset when trying to interpret the signals of the opposite sex.  This title explains how the body reveals what people really mean guiding readers on how it can be used to make a positive impact and explaining why we give off certain signals.  Elizabeth Kuhnke explains how to read the most common expressions and use body language to transform both personal and professional relationships.


Confidence For Dummies

Kate Burton & Brinley N. Platts

Our writer says:

“I was not sure how someone could write an entire book on confidence until I opened the book. Generally I thought confidence was something that some people has in abundance that could not really be placed, but pardon my ignorance, I was completely wrong. This book has let me know that confidence is something that is manageable and attainable. Sometimes confidence is  just taking things one step at a time, knowing that it will all be okay in the end.

This book lets you recognise your strengths and believe in yourself. When I started reading it I could not put it down. I have been single for a while and have found it hard to put myself out there, but this book has let me know that I actually do have it within me to put myself out there.

I love the techniques and the exercises too. I feel that I know myself a lot better after reading this book. I know this sounds like I am being over enthusiastic, but I already feel it has improved my life.”


Self-confidence is important in all areas of life particularly when it comes to dating and relationships.  Lack of confidence is common amongst those who are unlucky in love.    This guide identifies the wide range of strengths, skills, abilities and strategies readers can utilise, providing tips and techniques to build on these and gain extra confidence.


Dating For Dummies (3rd Edition)

Joy Browne

Our writer says:

“Dating is hard. Really hard. Sometimes I feel like I find it harder than everyone else. But I really want to start dating again and get better at it. Dating for Dummies suits me perfectly.

This book tackles even the most modern parts of dating, like social networking and online dating. It helps you figure out what you want in a partner and how to break up with people. It really does cover every aspect of dating and even covers age differences. It really is a brilliant book that covers everything and it is impossible not to find helpful information. I just finished the book, but I reckon it will improve my love life dramatically. I already feel more comfortable.


Dating For Dummies guides readers on how to meet potential romantic partners for life, how to avoid common dating mistakes, overcome disappointments, deal with difference and how to date safely in the social media world.  Joy Browne gives readers the confidence boost they need to help meet, date and start a relationship as well as prepare for dates and have a great time. Whatever the dating dilemma Dating For Dummies has it covered.



Improving Your Relationship For Dummies

Paula Hall

Our writer says:

“I have been with my boyfriend for two years now. I love him, but sometimes I find the relationship hard. Or we get into a negative arguing cycle and never resolve the main problem. I felt at a loss about what to do so I was very eager to review this book. I have heard of Paula Hall and have read some of the articles she has written.

The book itself is broken down into handy sections and goes over everything from sex to boosting your relationship, knowing when to break up and how to break an arguing cycle. The latter of which I was very interested in.

I found this book to be a bit of a revelation. I just had not thought of a lot of the tips and advice. Some of it in hindsight seems obvious, but you just never think of it. The advice on communication is excellent and the idea of treating your relationship like a bank is very smart – basically you have to put effort and love into your relationship and not just take things out of it.

All in all I found the book helpful. I have even got my boyfriend involved and he even want to read it now I have finished. I recommend this book for anyone in a relationship, is has just really done what it says on the cover: improves your relationship.



Valentine’s Day can be a time when couples take stock of their relationship and make effective changes for the future.    Paula Hall offers expert advice for those who want to work through tiresome niggles, address potential issues before taking the next step, cope with serious problems or simply strengthen a partnership. An essential guide for anyone wanting to improve their relationship, covering issues including cohabitation, overcoming anger and jealousy, trust, dealing with an affair, managing change and reigniting passion.


Emotional Healing For Dummies

David Beales and Helen Whitten

Our writer says:

“I think in life we do not pay enough attention to our emotions, and I know I have run into trouble because of it. We really do not take enough care of our emotional health. Everything in life affects us in some ways. I was already thinking that I had to pay more attention and care more about my emotional health.

The thing I liked most about this book is that it tells you about the connection between emotion and health, and emotion and food. It has ways to boost your immune system against stress and fatigue. It also has tips on enhancing emotional intelligence.

This book would be amazing for anyone who has been through anything traumatic. You really understand emotion healing, emotions. You learn how to deal with your emotions and be happier. I loved this book and I can really recommend it. This book reminded me of the saying that you have to love yourself before anyone else will. This book will help. ”


For those who are suffering from a broken heart this Valentine’s Day Emotional Healing For Dummies can help ease the pain.  We’re a nation that bottles things up, dismissing anger, frustration, hatred and guilt as largely insignificant to our minds and bodies. But powerful emotions like these do affect us in a long-term way, not only mentally but also physically, and it’s important to know how to get them under control.   This easy to follow guide provides a toolkit of strategies to help heal emotional upset so that readers begin to feel like themselves once again after a difficult breakup.


For Dummies guides are available where all books and e-books are sold. Including Amazon UK, WH Smith and Selfridges.