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How To Cook in High Heels Cocktail & Dessert Recipes

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strawberry cocktailFrost loves cocktails and apps. So an app that gives you cocktail recipes? Our cup runneth over. Hot on the heels of Summer is Tequila Rose’s Strawberry Kiss, a new and decadent way to enjoy strawberries and cream – and now the recipe is available on new app, How to Cook in High Heels.


A mix of luxurious strawberry cream liquor, Tequila Rose, white rum and chocolate liquor, this indulgent Strawberry Kiss cocktail is an ideal treat while catching up with friends. The natural strawberry flavour of Tequila Rose, makes this cocktail utterly irresistible.


Tested (and devoured!) by the savvy cookery authors and TV presenters, Sacha and Korin at How to Cook in High Heels, Strawberry Kiss and Tequila Rose recipes, are super easy to make by downloading the new How to Cook in High Heels app, free to download on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via iTunes from July 12th 2013.  If you can’t wait until then, here’s the recipe!


Tequila Rose Strawberry Kiss

50ml Tequila Rose

15ml White Rum

25ml Chocolate Liquor

Shake all the ingredients together and strain into a chilled Martini Glass garnished with chocolate sprinkles. Serve with fresh strawberries.


Strawberry Jewel

50ml Tequila Rose

15ml Cream

Garnish with red sprinkles

You won’t fail to impress friends by serving up Strawberry Jewel, sipping this creamy cocktail is an indulgent way to catch up over drinks.


Strawberry Kiss

50ml Tequila Rose

15ml White Rum

25ml Chocolate Liqueur

Shake, Strain into Martini Glass garnished with chocolate sprinkles


Strawberry Kiss is one to be savoured, this elegant cocktail is the perfect party drink – it looks amazing and tastes even better – everyone will want to toast with this in hand.


Strawberry Split

50ml Tequila Rose

15ml Banana liqueur

15ml Coffee liqueur

Layer in a shot glass

Get your retro summer fix with this vibrant Strawberry Split number – fruity, creamy and all together delicious!

Tequila Rose Yogurt Dessert

Ingredients (For 4 People):

50g Digestives

4 Tbl Spoons golden syrup

200g Set Greek yogurt

15g Pectin

50g Good quality strawberry conserve

100ml Tequila Rose liqueur


 What a way to end a dinner party, you won’t fail to impress by serving this Tequila Rose Yogurt Dessert – cool and refreshing with a cheeky shot of Tequila Rose.


1.        Crush digestives with a rolling pin.  Spoon into a ramekin and press down firmly

2.        Gently warm the golden syrup and spoon a thin layer over the digestives – this will create a barrier for the liquid layer.

3.        Heat the pectin in 20mls of boiling water add to a combination of Tequila Rose and Greek Yogurt.  Blend together until the resulting mixture is smooth in texture. Add to the ramekin.

4.        Allow to set in the fridge for 6-8 hours.

5.        Very gently warm the Strawberry Conserve and lightly spoon over the set yogurt mix.

6.       Allow to cool in the fridge for 10 mins.

7.       Serve when requires.


Alternatively serve as a frozen sweet.



What are the ‘red sprinkles’ made of (this is probably covered in the video or a stupid question)? They are the type of sprinkles you would put on ice cream

Any comment on type of cream? It would be double cream

Is “50ml” ‘one’ serving as jt were? Yes



Is there a particular technique or skill to the ‘garnishing’? You could wet the rim with Tequila Rose then dip the glass into the sprinkles

I have put the step in as garnish before pouring – did you film this one?  Is this how you did it?

Is “50ml” ‘one’ serving as jt were? Yes



In what order should they be layered?  This is important to the steps – and again they would need to match the video? The order to match the image

Is “50ml” ‘one’ serving as jt were? Yes



What is the garnish in the picture?  Will add this as a recommended 6th step for completeness… Lime zest