Dec 05

In Pursuit of the Perfect Winter Boots

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ShopStyle.com unearths the definitive trends for you, revealing the must-have items for the month

finding the perfect boots

Each month ShopStyle, the web’s premier fashion search engine, will reveal a trend that has featured high up, or has made a surprise jump on the search term list. Sian O’Flaherty SHOPSTYLE’s resident Online Shopping Specialist will also offer a lesson in fashion terminology with a glossary of monthly ‘it’ words to help you hone in on that trend.


It may come as no surprise that over-the-knee, chelsea, knee-high, cut-out and thigh high boots fall in the top search terms this month. Whether it’s burgundy studded leather or moss-green suede, the casual boot is the most coveted footwear staple for autumn/winter 2013.

Sian says “When hunting online for your must-have winter boots try not to panic buy a pair that won’t last the season, yes sorry, that means no Rita Ora style patent thigh-highs please. With so much variety on the market there is something to suit everyone; tall or short, slim or curvy. But before you get booted up, make sure you consider the style, fabric and hue to ensure you choose a style that will help complement your figure.

“Traditionally, knee-high or over-the-knee styles look great on taller women. When wearing either of these styles, try to keep the rest of your outfit simple so your boots make a statement. Shorter women should opt for an ankle or mid-calf length boot to keep their proportions in check.”


In order to track down the right winter boots for you, Sian O’Flaherty has developed a list of terms that will make your fashion shopping experience a whole lot simpler.

“Fashion vernacular is something of a minefield for most of us. Unless your name is Anna Wintour how can you be expected to know what a ‘chunky palladium boot’ is supposed to look like? When we analyse search terms we can see that entering a variety of terms can give fashion hunters the best results. Here are some words of wisdom that will help you think on your feet and hone in on the trend of the month.”

Cuban heel boots have an androgynous style and historically feature in men’s boots. It’s a classic that will take you from one season to next, and looks great with skirts or skinny jeans.

Thigh-high styles are fairly obvious; a flat style can look classy with a wool miniskirt or tartan kilt. I would recommend investing financially if you’re thinking of buying this style, there’s a lot of fabric involved, and so make sure it doesn’t look poor quality.

Riding boots are usually knee high, classic brown or black equestrian style. If you’re channelling a Made In Chelsea style country weekend escape or a trip to the polo, these are the boots for you.

Chelsea boots are a classic, and possibly the most versatile of all the winter boots. They originated in the Victorian era and were used predominantly for horse riding, characterised by its elasticated siding. Investment piece alert!

Cut-out is a style ‘it phrase’ that’s been thrown around frequently of late, but this boot style is exactly that, cut out leather showing your tights or socks underneath. These are best worn with a party dress on a night out.

Biker boots are not as scary as you might think, they are usually flat and have decorative feature like buckles. If your search isn’t locating exactly what you want, try biker, they are not exclusive to hells angels, yummy mummies also look fab in these.

Palladium is equally on-trend in fashion slang this season; a throwback from the 90’s, they come with a chunky rubber sole and usually a chunky heel; we’re seeing lots in velvet this season. Give this a go and hopefully you’ll find ‘the one’.

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