Oct 10

Unique Book for Mature Women Wanting to Date Out Now

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 From Dinner Date to Soulmate – Cynthia Spillman’s Guide to Mature Dating – a practical and witty one-stop resource for older women looking to enter or re-enter the world of dating is out now. 

Author Cynthia Spillman, founder of The International Dating Academy and formerly the Chief Executive of Dinner Dates, is on a mission to help mature women re-entering the dating market to find love. For many, following either divorce or widowhood, it is a period of anxiety, uncertainty, and trepidation – all of which can be overcome with appropriate preparation and organisation. As Cynthia states in the book: “Make a Plan. Work the Plan.”

Distilling all the knowledge she has formed from her many years of helping people find love, Cynthia shows how searching for a fulfilling new relationship must be undertaken mindfully and strategically, and that in order to attract the partner she deserves, a woman must first feel good about herself.

From Dinner Date to Soulmate guides readers through a series of proven steps, encouraging them to examine their previous relationship patterns, and provides a whole host of mature dating skills, strategies, and techniques to be put into practice. The book covers both offline and online dating.


Cynthia Spillman is Chief Executive of The International Dating Academy, a one stop dating shop for people who wish to improve their dating skills. She was formerly Chief Executive of Dinner Dates, the UK’s top social networking club for elite professional singletons. Her area of expertise is in mindful dating. Her articles have been published in a number of magazines including Vogue, Woman’s Own and online magazine Single Living. She is also an award-winning inspirational trainer and motivational speaker. She has kissed a lot of frogs in her time, but is now happily married to her third husband, Peter. She divides her time between London and Nice.