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  2. The Hateful Eight – Film Review — January 11, 2016
  3. Battlefield: Hardline Game Review — March 20, 2015
  4. Halo: Nightfall – Interview with Mike Colter — March 15, 2015
  5. Will it Take the K.ing of Jewels to Capture the Queen of Your Heart? — February 13, 2015

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May 07

Captain America: Civil War Film Review

Based on the 2006 Marvel Comics crossover storyline Civil War is perhaps one of most adventurous pieces of comic book fare to be brought to the big screen. Based one year after the last Avengers movie; Age of Ultron and the colossal damages that occurred within all the previous cities the United Nations is preparing …

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Jan 11

The Hateful Eight – Film Review

Rolling in at a mammoth three hours and seven minutes, the aptly titled The Hateful Eight is a film that in many ways will divide audiences. Those that love Quentin Tarantino’s style of film-making; the long build ups, exaggerated sword plays of dialogue and immediate violence, the no expense spared approach to making scenes look …

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Mar 20

Battlefield: Hardline Game Review

It’s easy to see why games producer Visceral made a decision to change up the pace with Battlefield: Hardline. After the much criticised (but nonetheless well acclaimed) Battlefield 4, most players would agree that the typical war format of First Person Shooters (FPS) has been done to extinction. As such Battlefield: Hardline represents a refreshing …

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Mar 15

Halo: Nightfall – Interview with Mike Colter

Here’s a challenge, describe Halo: Nightfall in multiples of two words. Hmmm let’s see how about “Bad Ass”, “Computer Game”, “Action Movie” “Special effects” or “Xbox Classic”? How about “Mike Colter”, the actor who plays the role of “Agent Locke”? In case you didn’t know Halo: Nightfall is set between the events of Halo 4 …

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Feb 13

Will it Take the K.ing of Jewels to Capture the Queen of Your Heart?

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us; the time where it’s customary to celebrate the love of our lives in ways that truly matter. If there was ever something invented to capture a woman’s heart, then its jewellery and its things that sparkle. In the 21st Century, flowers and chocolate can only ever be the ‘bubble …

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Feb 10

Selma – Movie Review

There are three things that this movie absolutely gets right. Firstly you have the subject matter. This is a film about Dr Martin Luther King; powerful, complicated, legendary. A leader almost completely untouched by modern day film-making, yet a leader who deserves respect. Why? Because he chose non-violent resistance in the face of utter brutality; …

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Nov 16

PlayStation 4 One Year On – The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly

Yes indeed, the PlayStation 4 celebrates its first year’s birthday this week. But one year on has it managed to live up to the hype or has it even earned the title of a ‘next generation’ console? I, along with many other gamers are not truly convinced. I am going to attempt to give a …

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Oct 28

Super Mario Bros, The Original Motion Picture – Movie Review

Regarded by many to be an all-time cult iconic movie, Super Mario Bros receives its high definition Blu-ray and DVD release on Monday 3rd November thanks to Second Sight. Originally released in 1993 Super Mario Bros was later nominated for two Saturn Awards (one for Best Costume, the other for Best Make-up). But there are …

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