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Aug 22

The Diary of a Freelance Working Mother

Hello Frost readers. Many of you will know me quite well, others will be be thinking, ‘Why is the woman being so arrogant to think that we know who she is?’ And you may have a point, so let me introduce myself properly: I am the editor and founder of Frost Magazine. I am also …

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Aug 10

The Reminders By Val Emmich Book Review

The Reminders By Val Emmich has a very interesting premise: a man who wants to remember, and a little girl who wants to forget. It is a wonderful concept but not all great concepts make great novels. Luckily for Val Emmich The Reminders does work. It is a novel which is both happy and sad, funny and …

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Jul 25

Give Me The Child By Mel McGrath Book Review

Give Me The Child drew my in immediately from the cover. Then the blurb drew my in further. As a mother I worried it might be horrible and depressing, but Give Me The Child is a clever and riveting psychological thriller. It leaves you guessing and is well written by an author who is clearly …

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Jul 10

Cornish Writing Challenge 2017 Winner: Christopher Joyce

So The Cornish Writing Challenge 2017 is done and Frost wants to thank Vikki Patis for including us. Frost’s own Jane Cable and Catherine Balavage were two of the judges. Along with Vikki- of course, and Cornish author Angela Britnell. We are now proud to publish the winner: Christopher Joyce.   Christopher Joyce from Chichester in West Sussex has been a …

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May 10

The Hourglass By Tracy Rees Book Review

The Hourglass is a book that hooked me quickly and would not let go. Set in the present and the past: The Hourglass perfectly intertwines the stories of Nora, a woman in her forties who is troubled by anxiety and feels like her life is falling apart, and Chloe, a teenager in 1950. Both go …

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May 05

The People at Number 9 by Felicity Everett Book Review

The People at Number 9 is an engaging novel. It has all of the things that books need to have to be popular at the moment: characters that are complex and are not necessary likeable, some twists and turns and just enough suspense. I raced towards the end of the book, and was frequently irritated …

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Apr 12

The Business of Books: Ready, Steady – Write!

Jane Cable on writing competitively Writing is not generally a competitive pastime; in fact, as I was saying in my last column, it’s a mutually supportive one. Yet writing competitions are forever popular and it’s probably the one time that pencils are sharpened into threatening points as we pit our wonderful words against those of …

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Mar 16

WE: A Manifesto for Women by Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel

WE: A Manifesto for Women immediately caught my eye. As a proud feminist I am always on the lookout to support other feminists and find out about movements. I jumped at the chance to review this book and starting reading it soon after it arrived. My first thought was that it has lots of good …

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