Jul 10

Olive It! The Essential Olive Recipe Book Review

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I love this book, I really do. I love olives and will eat them in anything. Unfortunately when it comes to cooking I don’t have much of an imagination. Luckily for me this amazing book has olive recipes a plenty, along with a history of olives, the healthy facts on olives, information on the Olive It! campaign and lots of other great stuff.

My mouth was watering all the way through reading this book. The recipes are also amazing, some are also very unique. I highly recommend this book for olive obsessives like myself.


A delicious ensemble of olive marinades, tapenades, tapas feasting tips and recipes that will spark your imagination.

Designed to inspire you, this beautiful recipe book will take you on a journey of true discovery. Combining tradition with a contemporary twist, the Olive it! recipe book has a dish for everyone and every season, from innovative marinades to tantalising tapas and tapenades.

Join celebrated Spanish chefs José Pizarro and Omar Allibhoy as they share the joy of olives and family-trusted recipes that have passed down generations. Having both grown up surrounded by olive trees and immersed in the Mediterranean diet and culture, their love of olives is deep rooted and evident in these inspired olive dishes. With over 40 recipes that will spark your imagination and awaken new taste sensations, explore unique yet delicious combinations, such as green olives with figs, orange and bay to more adventurous combinations such as black olives with wasabi, ginger and smoked salmon and green olives with manchengo, chorizo and melon.


“Cooking with olives can be fun and exciting, and we hope this book will inspire you in the kitchen and encourage you to create these quick, easy and delicious recipes at home for your loved ones.’

“Olives on their own are great as a tasty snack but when seasoned with new and inventive combinations of ingredients they can produce a true explosion of taste.”

–  Omar Allibhoy