Feb 03

The Pick Of Holland Cooper’s Mens Tweed Collection

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by  tedeytan 

Tweed has seen somewhat of comeback in recent times. This classic material fell out of vogue in the late 20th Century, where edgier materials like leather and denim became the choice of both trendy professionals and fashionable youths.

However, with the emergence of retro trends and vintage chic, tweed has had an impressive comeback in the 21st Century. With flashy trainers being replaced by sturdy brogues and sleek ties outclassed by quirky bow-ties, fashion is truly going full-circle and tweed is the new black.

This country staple has been favoured both by Britain’s aristocracy and agriculture community for centuries, yet now we are seeing tweed becoming increasingly present within urban fashion also. Whilst in the old days, tweed was the staple of the horse-racing track and hunting lodge, today it can be seen everywhere from university campuses to metropolitan pavements.

These days, classically cut garments, in tweed, are often contrasted with other materials and styles for an edgier, more fashion-forward look. Modern tweed can often be seen in sharp blazers paired with tattered Doc Martens and oversized coats complimented by muted skinny-jeans.
Meanwhile, the old-school complete tweed look is also coming back, with colourful socks and flamboyant bow-ties a must. Therefore, regardless of how much or how little you have, tweed is most certainly a material that can be a simultaneously contemporary and timeless edition to your wardrobe.

Holland Cooper have been offering high-quality, British-made Tweed for decades and are one of the most respected and longstanding traders of the material in the UK today. Therefore, considering tweeds re-emergence as a must-have fabric, here is our pick of Holland Cooper’s current collection.

Morrison Jacket (£349)
This striking tweed creation offers a flamboyant twist on a classic design. The jacket’s bold, and enlarged, pattern – which imposes striking hot pink lines on a subdued grey base – makes it a definite statement item in any wardrobe. Meanwhile, the jacket’s out-there pattern is neatly contrasted by its traditional silhouette and two-button design. Made from 100 per cent suede, and from only the finest of British made wools, this jacket is designed to slim the torso and emphasise the shoulders. If you want a proper hipster look, pair this jacket with a light-toned shirt, bold braces and a shiny pair of brogues. However, to grudge it up, add a pair of black skinny-jeans and a vintage band T-shirt, such as Led Zeppelin, to give the look an edge through this contrasting of styles and eras.

Pea Coat (£599)
For those who want to utilise tweed but without compromising on their contemporary look, this pea coat – in a subtle charcoal – is the perfect updated design for this traditional material. The lasted addition to the City Collection, this six buttoned number with piped black leather pockets is an understated and classy addition to anyone’s urban wardrobe. The intricate leather detailing, which extends to the sleeves and shoulders, gives this traditional pea coat some bite, whilst the careful construction creates a striking and powerful silhouette for the wearer. Meanwhile, the hand-crafted buttons add a nice level of detail to the coat, which is the hallmark of any quality item. This coat works best with a clean, crisp white shirt – perhaps with a statement collar – which streamlines the whole look without making it boring.

Aviator Gilet (£199)
The aviator gilet is perhaps the most unusual item in the collection and therefore is great for those who like their fashion to be standout and forward-thinking. This crafted item is made from both 100% wool and leather and is individually hand cut, designed and made in Great Britain using Scottish woven tweeds and wools. This design is excellent for those with a defined torso as it accentuates a muscular frame. The pattern is classic tweed but the leather detailing to the pockets and arm cuffs gives this gilet a modern twist. Perfect when paired with classic-cut jeans and for the more experimental wearer, why not match it with a slim-fit denim shirt.