Mar 01

30 Days Of Gratitude. Is it time we all count our blessings?

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I have to be honest. Lately I have been indulging in an unattractive quality. I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself. Yes, even writing that down is embarrassing. Thankfully it has only been the occasional bout and not full on self pity which is never okay. What sparked this feeling of being unlucky? A rather unfortunate trip to A&E. I got a really bad headache, and that along with some eye problems, meant my doctor recommended a trip to hospital. So off I went, baby and husband in tow. I have quite a high pain tolerance but I thought I was going to die and that I was having a brain haemorrhage. Thankfully a CT scan showed nothing. It obviously was not fun and I also ended up having to spend the night in hospital, which was my first night away from my son. In the end a back injury from years ago came back, I have a vitreous detachment in my eye, I had a throat infection, a virus and another infection in my toe. Yes, really. It is fair to say that I was falling apart. I am a self employed freelancer and I also take care of our son while I work from home. It is fair to say that is hard most of the time but while you are ill, it is much worse. There are no sick days when you are a mother. Thankfully this happened on  Friday so when I made my way home from the hospital, alone as my husband was with the baby, I had my husband there for the weekend. But then I decided enough was enough. Yes I don’t feel well and I have a backlog of work and a baby who’s needs have to be met, but we live in a beautiful world. There is always something to be grateful about. There is always someone worse off than you. Self care and self love is important, and we should all be allowed to wallow sometimes, but counting your blessings is important so I have decided to start 30 Days of Gratitude. Every day I will share a post about something I am grateful for and I hope you join in, using the #30daysofgratitude hashtag.

30 Days Of Gratitude. Day 1: My Son.


I cannot put into words how grateful I am for my son. He is all my dreams come true and I love every cell in his body, every centimetre of him. He is perfect in every way and makes my heart swell. He is everything there is, and then some more.