Aug 22

What to consider when travelling to Vegas

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Las Vegas is well-known for luxury casinos, dive bars and glitzy entertainment – but if you’ve never been to Vegas before, you’ll be in for a few surprises.

To help make the best of your trip, here are just a few things you should know before travelling to Las Vegas for the first time…

It’s hot – really hot

Since Vegas sits smack bang in the middle of the Nevada desert, you might expect it to be warm. But as soon as you get off the plane, you’ll notice just how hot it is – 38 degrees centigrade (100 degrees Fahrenheit) is the average temperature in August.

While the casinos, bars, restaurants and hotels all have air-conditioning, be prepared to break out in a sweat if you plan to walk more than 100 metres (109 yards). The most comfortable way to move around Las Vegas Strip is through the casino complex and not around it.

ATM charges are high

The standard fee for using most cash machines in Las Vegas is $5.99 , but this can rise to $9.99 in some adult establishments. This may not mean much to the big spenders, but to us mere mortals, it can have a real impact on our cash flow.

When you come to Vegas, you’d be wise to bring plenty of cash (especially if travelling from outside the United States) to avoid these astronomical charges.

Everyone smokes – everywhere

Smoking has been banned here in the UK for years, so most of us are pretty used to being able to gamble without having to breathe in second-hand smoke. But Vegas remains one of the few places in the US that allows smoking in commercial venues. The casinos try and cover up the smell with what they like to call ‘signature scents’, so the smell isn’t too bad.

But if you’re offended by cigarette smoke, you may wish to stay in a hotel without a gaming license – such as the MGM Grand, or the Trump International.

Playing offshore gambling websites is illegal

Despite having a booming gambling industry, the state of Nevada is still touchy about online gaming. In fact, poker is the only licensed online game available in the state. And if you think you can get around this by logging on to Play Cosmo – think again. Playing on foreign gambling sites is illegal in the Silver State.

Cab drivers try to take advantage of Vegas virgins

Every Las Vegas cab ride starts with two key questions:

1. Where to?

2. So have you ever been to Vegas before?

You should always tell your cabbie that yes, you have been to Vegas before.


Because taxi drivers in the city try to increase the fare by taking longer routes to your destination – a common trick known as ‘long hauling’. Back in 2016, the LA Times declared that Vegas cab firms make a total of $47 million a year by overcharging visitors.

Complimentary room upgrades are available

Hotels in Las Vegas are often willing to move you to a better room if there is one available. Just speak to a member of staff at the front desk and ask if they offer any free upgrades – these are often available with no questions asked. But be sure to give a generous tip in return for their willingness to accommodate you.