Jan 08

A Day in the Life of Photographer Cire Simone

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A Day in the Life of photographer Cire Simone1clI have been passionate about photography since I was a child, and my evenings were spent watching David Attenborough documentaries and thinking that becoming a wildlife photographer would be the best job in the world. A degree in Marine and Natural History Photography at University College Falmouth further cemented my ambition to create images, both still and moving. It also developed my interests in other fields of the craft.

A Day in the Life of photographer Cire Simone2clA year spent travelling the world after university started a new love of travel photography as well as increasing my joy in photographing landscapes and the natural world. Over the last few years I have honed my craft – although, of course every day is a school day and I am consistently learning and improving my work. Although only able to pursue my photography on a part-time basis at the moment, the dream of becoming a full-time freelance photographer is still very real and one that I aim to achieve before this decade is out. I have recently started photographing weddings and love the challenges that come with documenting the most important day of people’s lives.


My most recent shoot, however, was with a lovely couple commemorating their engagement, in the stunning Battersea Park on Saturday afternoon. I allow plenty of time to get myself organised – batteries charged, correct lenses packed etc. Organisation is key when running your own business and is a key component of my life in general. However, I’ve recently bought an orchid and couldn’t resist the opportunity to stage a quick shoot.

A Day in the Life of photographer Cire Simone3I have a set of macro extension lenses which, when attached to my trusty 50mm lens, allowed me to get some beautiful abstract shots in my makeshift studio set-up. I love using natural light for my photography and the light coming through the window on that day was perfect.


After a quick lunch – and another battery re-charge – I head off to Battersea Park. It is really beneficial for photographer and client to build a relationship prior to the big day. Not only so they can see how you work but also so you can find out as much as possible about their likes and dislikes. This is likely to be one of the most important days of their lives and the photographs are one of the ways that their memories of the day can be remembered forever.


An engagement shoot is a perfect opportunity to build that relationship and for the couple to practice some preferred poses as well as become more comfortable being in front of a camera – something many people are nervous about. It’s really important for me to ensure that my clients feel at ease and are able to enjoy the experience. The weather was beautiful and we were able to get a range of shots in various locations around the park. Although nervous at first, both bride and groom settled in to the shoot and we were all able to have fun in the sunshine.

A Day in the Life of photographer Cire Simone4

The shoot lasted for a couple of hours and then it was back to the studio. Due to such tight time restraints it is important for me to get as much work done as possible when I have the time and that meant settling in for an evening of editing.

A Day in the Life of photographer Cire Simone5

Editing can be very time consuming but it’s really lovely to see your hard work come to fruition when you have the finished product in front of you.


The couple were really happy with the final images and we have scheduled in another shoot in a different London location for this Sunday.  I then need to prepare for a yet another happy couple, and after that… Well, that’s the life of a photographer. There’s always a new project. That’s why I love it.


My website is: ciresimonephotography.com