Mar 10

Mum Knows Best For Beauty

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Cheryl Cole and Duchess of Cambridge topped the poll of Brits with best skin – both women are famously close to their mums



– a third of women admit to just copying their mum when it comes to beauty products –


While the beauty industry spends millions each year advertising its products, new research proves that when it comes to beauty, British women believe mum knows best.


New Superdrug research shows a third of women admit to just using the same beauty products that their mums use, even though this means they may be using the wrong products for their skin.


The research of 2,000 women, was commissioned to celebrate the launch of beauty brand B. which aims to help women discover premium beauty, made easy.


The new study shows daughters start to borrow their mum’s beauty products at the tender age of just 13 years old.


And 40 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds continue to use the same products as their mum, and as a result are wearing products that may be too heavy and rich for them, with ingredients that may not be effective on their younger skin.


Products for older women contain higher concentrations of key ingredients addressing anti-ageing, skin elasticity and skin cell turnover which are not required for younger women whose skin needs ingredients focused on skin radiance and smoothness.


Over half (52 per cent) said they would take the advice of their mum and best friend above everyone else when it comes to beauty, when everyone will have different skincare needs.


Simon Comins, Superdrug Buying Director comments: “Buying skincare products can be confusing so it’s no surprise that some women rely on their mum for advice, but sometimes mum may not actually know best.


“The B. brand has a simple approach to skincare with distinct Skin Phases that make it easier than ever for women to find the products that will work for them. Simply answering a few questions on the skin diagnostic tool online or in-store will help them choose the right products.”


Customers can discover their skin age by using the simple self-diagnostic tool at bisforbeautiful.co.uk/skindiagnostic, or in selected stores.


Five per cent of those questioned said they looked to celebrities for their beauty tips.  When asked which celebrity has the best looking skin, Cheryl Cole topped the poll.


Cole is famously close to her mum Joan Callaghan, second on the list was the Duchess of Cambridge whose mum Carole Middleton often steals the limelight.


Comins continues: “Not all women are lucky enough to inherit fabulous skin from their mother. But, we believe every woman deserves fabulous skincare products which is why we launched B.”


Top ten tips from mums

1.     Use tissue to blot lipstick

2.     Only pluck below the eyebrow

3.     Moisturise your hands

4.     Use moisturiser every day

5.     Drink tons of water

6.     Always wash and moisturise in the morning to feel fresh

7.     Don’t squeeze spots

8.     File your nails in one direction, don’t saw at them

9.     Don’t over pluck eyebrows

10.  Blend in make-up down to the neck