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The Business of Books – 18.1.17

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the-business-of-books-interviewswithjanecableSince Another You saw the light of day almost a month ago much of my writing life has been taken over by marketing, interspersed with periods of panic that I’m not marketing enough, or that I’m doing the wrong things. It’s actually very hard to tell what works, however empirical you try to be, so one of my first priorities has been to start the reviews ticking over. That really matters.

Reviews are not all about an ego trip for the author – although I have to say with some of the initial comments about Another You my head could swell more than one hat size. In the cold light of day – rather than the warm glow of knowing someone really loved your book – reviews are about Amazon algorithms. Once you pass a certain number (said to be 50, but for The Faerie Tree it was somewhere in the low 60s) your book will be featured more and more in Amazon customer mailings and suggestions. It’s certainly worth it – I went from selling a few copies of The Faerie Tree each day to selling a thousand or so over a three week period. It just takes a little while – and a lot of work – to get there.

Some lovely reviewers will post on Amazon on the UK, in the US and on Goodreads – as well as their own blogs if they have them. There’s an extra dimension to the Amazon reviews for Another You because for each one in the UK and the US I’m donating £1 to Frost’s favourite charity, Words for the Wounded.

Over the last few years I’ve met some lovely book bloggers online. Most of them have full time jobs and/or are busy mums as well as reading, reviewing and writing and I have a huge admiration for their work rate. I try to be as helpful to them as I can by sharing and tweeting things which I think will be of interest to my followers too and taking part in their special events, so over time relationships build. That means I don’t feel bad about asking if they’ll review Another You or take part in the blog tour but it also means it’s a pleasure to work with them.

The Business of Books – 18.1.17topbookboggersinDorset

Some really go the extra mile, putting together graphics for the book to go with their reviews. Making these graphics – especially useful for saying more in Twitter posts – is something I’ve started to do myself, using a website called Canva. I have no design skills at all but even I can manage to knock up something which looks quite professional. Here’s one I prepared earlier to showcase some review quotes.

Something I haven’t been able to do before is offer a free ebook on Amazon to generate downloads and reviews. On Friday I had an email from Endeavour saying that Another You will be on free promotion from 16th – 20thJanuary. I was really excited by the possibilities but a little phased by the lack of notice. Having canvassed a few writer friends they advised me to get everyone possible to share the news – and the download link – and to look at a few well-chosen free book promotion sites. Sadly most of them need a lead time of at least five days but I have picked three and I’ll let you know well they work in due course.

To end my post with something completely different… I am absolutely made up that my first novel, The Cheesemaker’s House, has been selected by Books on the Underground for 1st February. I really believe in sharing books and this is an amazing way to do it. I’m hugely grateful to the book fairies for allowing me to join the fun.

To download your free copy of Another You before Friday please visit: