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Nov 23

Transhumanism – The End of Perception By author and conspiracy researcher David Icke

Mind control is everywhere, but we call it something else – the TV news, political speeches, advertising, PR, education, science, journalism and religion. The list is endless. Mind control sounds far-out and sci-fi, but all it really means is the control of perception. Control a person’s perception and you control their life. Control collective perception …

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Nov 23

After the Snow By Susannah Constantine Book Review

We all know Susannah Constantine from her Trinny and Susannah days when she told women what to wear. The careers of the two fashionable women went stratospheric. They both became very successful indeed. When After The Snow reached Frost HQ I was immediately grabbed by the cover. It is beautiful and really encapsulates the book. …

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Nov 22

THE BUSINESS OF BOOKS: GUILDING THE LILY – Jane Cable meets Book Guild author Sally Jenkins

How much of your working life does the business of books take up? Around 40% of my working life is spent on writing and writing-related activities. I work for a multinational IT consultancy three days a week which, in theory, leaves two days for the business of books. In reality, domestic trivia eats into those …

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Nov 21

What are the Essential Ingredients for a Gritty Crime Novel?

The crime thriller genre has always been a big seller. It has evolved over the years along with readers’ tastes. A few decades ago it was all about slick gangster flicks, driven by a morbid nostalgia for criminals like Capone, Dillinger and the Kray twins. At the turn of the century the gritty crime thriller …

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Nov 20

25 Things Every New Mom Should Know: Essential First Steps for Mothers

This little book is full of lots of great information. Being a first time mother is very scary and this book will definitely help. It is American, so some of the vernacular is more for that audience. Some of the advice will not suit all mothers too, like the stuff on baby-wearing and co-sleeping. I …

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Nov 16

Merry and Bright: A Christmas Novel By Debbie Macomber

A delightful festive novel. Just what you need when it is cold outside. The book equivalent of a fun romance film. Perfect to get lost in for a few hours.    A novel about first impressions and second chances. It’s Christmas, the season to be snowed under. Merry Smith is overworked. Between family responsibilities, preparing …

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Nov 15

THE BUSINESS OF BOOKS: TWITTERQUETTE – Jane Cable’s personal foibles

Twitter is looming large in my mind this week. Not just because the potential to be rude to each other has doubled with the letter count, but because Chindi Authors has launched its pre-Christmas social media campaign. Normally we have an event where we sell festive books but this year we’ve chosen to do the …

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Nov 14

Write From The Start: The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Professional Non-Fiction

Becoming a writer is hard. To go from beginner to professional means you will need all of the help you can get. This book has a wealth of advice on becoming successful in non-fiction writing. Practical and thorough, it has plenty of advice to help you become a non-fiction writer. Recommended for anyone who wants to …

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