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Dec 20

THE BUSINESS OF BOOKS: SECRETS OF SEASONAL SUCCESS – Jane Cable takes a sleigh ride with Sunday Times bestselling author Heidi Swain

How much of your working life does the business of books take up? The business of books, in one way or another, takes up all of my working life now. Earlier this year I made the leap and gave up the day job to write full-time. I had been gradually cutting down my hours, but …

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Nov 08

THE BUSINESS OF BOOKS: PRINTING PLUS – Jane Cable meets Nigel Mitchell of Biddles

For a number of reasons I won’t go into here I have a personal dislike of Createspace paperbacks, so when I wanted a short print run of Another You, another author recommended Biddles. Not only do they print and design books, but they do all the ISBN legwork, including taking orders from wholesalers. So I delighted to …

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Feb 28

Eating Disorders – Are you asking the right questions

Speaking up My daughter was 19, almost 20 when I found out she had an eating disorder. A friend had told her that if she didn’t speak to me about it then he would. I will be forever grateful to that young man. How long would it have gone undiscovered otherwise? She agreed to get …

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Feb 27

Let’s Talk About Eating Disorders


Please, let’s talk about eating disorders. The more we talk about it the easier we make it for both those who suffer from one and the wider family who are also affected. Let’s talk and dispel some of the myths that surround eating disorders – that it’s all about the food. It’s not. February 27th …

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Aug 26

In Search of the Past – A visit to the Somme Part 5 by Penny Gerrard

Lieutenant Colonel Harry Vivian Robert Hodson The Gerrards and the Hodsons had completed a moving but successful first day travelling round the Somme and as our schedule only allowed us two days in the battlefield area we were up and about early on our second day, ready to find another one of Richard’s family members …

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Apr 29

Helen Cox – Funeral Celebrant

Historian and author Helen Cox chats to Frost about her life as a funeral celebrant. How long have you been a celebrant, Helen? It’s a very new career path for me – I only started in November 2015. What made you decided to follow that path? Pure serendipity, and two very sad losses. My godmother …

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Feb 09

Shoe Aid – Because Walking Barefoot Should Be A Choice…

‘We’re shoe people….that’s what we do. Can you imagine a life where you and your family cannot afford a simple pair of shoes? For 300 million children worldwide, this is a reality. They do not have a choice to be barefoot because their families are too impoverished to afford an essential pair of shoes. We’re …

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Dec 25

Celebrities Turn Out For Crisis At Christmas Charity Casino Fundraiser…

  It’s around about now on Christmas Day that family come together for Christmas dinner, reflect on the year and look forward to a new one, all washed down with a glass of Bucks Fizz and Auntie Maur’s mince pies. But Christmas can be an incredibly difficult time of year for a person cut off …

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