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Aug 27

University Fees-ability by Josh Edwards

Another period of A-level results has passed and thousands of students will be heading to University over the next 4 weeks.  But is a degree strictly necessary? For many it isn’t. It wasn’t for me initially, but as my career aspirations altered, a degree became the minimum requirement for my next goal. Three years ago, …

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Aug 19

Nearly Half of Men Feel Under Pressure To Juggle a Career With Children

Dads left out in the cold: one in five fathers would like more time off work to bond with their children Nearly half (42%) of men feel under pressure to juggle a career with having children Almost half of fathers (46%) don’t think their workplaces offer enough flexibility to adequately juggle childcare with work Much …

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Jun 09

Interview with Mem Freda

What made you get into acting? As a child I was always fascinated by these ‘beings’ that lived inside our TV set! I was convinced I would see them leave from the back of the TV after a show was over, if I waited long enough! Born with such a wild imagination, the decision was …

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Apr 11

Dr Beckmann Cleaning Product Review

Cleaning isn’t glamourous but it does burn calories. So there is a silver lining to every cloud. Cleaning should always be as easy as possible, and for that you need the right products that really work: easily and fast. We tested these products from Dr Beckmann to see if they passed the test. Dr Beckmann …

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Apr 09

The Essential Guide To Keeping Chickens | Easter Ideas

I have always harboured the dream of keeping chickens. One that I doubt will ever be realised as I live in the concrete jungle of London. But I can dream, and watch DVDs like The Essential Guide To Keeping Chickens about how I will look after the chickens that I will (hopefully) have one day. …

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Dec 13

The 12 Pitfalls of Christmas And How To Avoid Them

When a relationship is already struggling , Christmas can intensify that struggle. Instead of being a happy celebratory time, Christmas completely drains the joy. If you are already feeling a little under the strain and under supported, this article is for you. The 12 pitfalls of Christmas and how to avoid them  1 Too High …

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