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Sep 10

Jeans For Genes Pop Up Store

We have the latest and most exciting Free, YES Free laundrette to hit London and we ventured out to see an exclusive preview! Its open from the 11th till Monday the 14th of September from 11am – 5pm. The amazing premium washer brand Miele and the Charity Jeans for Genes have joined forces and decided …

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Aug 25

The WforW Grannies Raise More Money…

Photographs: Kate Pain ‘OK, let’s get down and dirty, then.’ The decision was made. We’d do the military assault course Mud Challenge at to round off charity Words for the Wounded’s 2015 fundraising activities. We? Margaret Graham, Jan Speedie and Penny Deacon, are the grannies who run Words for the Wounded. We choose to …

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Jul 31

Top 10 Tips On How To Look Amazing In Pictures

Here is my definitive advice to all of you wanting to get amazing images every time no matter what. It’s all about angles and lighting. Here I will share with you a my top tips. This will help you when you need a go to quick fire list to remind you. I have been a photographer …

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Jul 14

Learning To Listen To Your Body

Recently I came down with a bout of stress related illness and I beat myself up over having time off. I felt like I was letting everyone down. Now we all get sick and we can’t help it. When it happens we all need to listen to our bodies and just go with it. It’s …

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Jun 14

There’s Something Fishy About Our Lives… Leading Experts Detail New Research and Science Concerning Brain Health

On Thursday 11th June, The Ivy played host to a presentation by three leading experts who detailed new research and science concerning brain health from cradle to grave, including the importance and benefits of omega fatty acids. Professor Michael Crawford, a director of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition gave a brief synopsis of what …

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Mar 23

One-Armed Man Builds Prosthetic Arm so He Can Pilot a Plane | Inspirational Stories

By Barry Smyth A one-armed man whose missing limb was severed from the shoulder in a freak biking accident has invented a prosthetic replacement which will allow him to fly a plane. Steven Robinson’s right arm was torn off by another rider’s footpeg during a collision over 30 years ago, and attempts to rebuild his …

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Mar 04

Understanding The Mortgage Minefield

A mortgage is a loan that is taken out to buy a property or piece of land. The loan is then paid back to the lender in monthly instalments over a set term. If the borrower defaults on payments, the lender can ultimately repossess the property and resell it to recover the money. Borrowing a …

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Nov 24

All Hell Let Loose In World War 1 By Wendy Breckon

THE UNTOLD STORY OF WILLIAM AND TOM so that we can give thanks to all those represented by the poppies planted in commemoration at the Tower before memory fades into the frenzy of Christmas. Patriotic fever, uncertainty and a touch of sadness are in the air. The year is 1915. Our country is at war. …

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