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Jun 09

Interview with Mem Freda

What made you get into acting? As a child I was always fascinated by these ‘beings’ that lived inside our TV set! I was convinced I would see them leave from the back of the TV after a show was over, if I waited long enough! Born with such a wild imagination, the decision was …

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Apr 11

Dr Beckmann Cleaning Product Review

Cleaning isn’t glamourous but it does burn calories. So there is a silver lining to every cloud. Cleaning should always be as easy as possible, and for that you need the right products that really work: easily and fast. We tested these products from Dr Beckmann to see if they passed the test. Dr Beckmann …

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Apr 09

The Essential Guide To Keeping Chickens | Easter Ideas

I have always harboured the dream of keeping chickens. One that I doubt will ever be realised as I live in the concrete jungle of London. But I can dream, and watch DVDs like The Essential Guide To Keeping Chickens about how I will look after the chickens that I will (hopefully) have one day. …

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Dec 13

The 12 Pitfalls of Christmas And How To Avoid Them

When a relationship is already struggling , Christmas can intensify that struggle. Instead of being a happy celebratory time, Christmas completely drains the joy. If you are already feeling a little under the strain and under supported, this article is for you. The 12 pitfalls of Christmas and how to avoid them  1 Too High …

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Nov 30

Christmas Gift Guide For The One Who Is Hard To Buy For

The best thing to buy for someone who is hard to buy for is to get something edible, different or just plain amazing. Mr Site Takeaway Website Beginner For PC & MAC This is a great present for most people. Pretty much everyone needs a website these days and the Takeaway Website Beginner is not …

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Nov 01

Reasons My Kid Is Crying by Greg Pembroke Review

Every now and then we get sent something at Frost Magazine that changes our way of thinking. For me Reasons My Kid is Crying was one of those things. I don’t have any children, and, boy, did this make me happy about that. Ingenious and hilarious, possibly inappropriately so. This is the funniest book I …

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