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Mar 13

Frost, Nearly a Year Later

In October 2010 we had the Frost launch party. It wasn’t to actually launch the magazine. We had a soft launch in April and steadily built from there. Nearly a year later we are still not just going, but building every month. Our hits are in six figures and the Huffington Post have quoted us. …

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Nov 24

Oh, Big Ceri got ‘da Yuletide Blues…And he got it Baaaaad {Ceri’s Column}

Bah Humbug Yeah, to this day I have no idea what the hell that means. Sounds cool though…plus it’s a pretty apt opener. Predictable but…bollocks I’m deconstructing my work before I’ve even started. Right, onwards…. I am an adult. I know, shit isn’t it? I didn’t think I was one. I know now, I am. …

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Sep 23

Getting Baked {Ceri's Column}

When we celebrate, we eat cakes. It’s pretty damn universal. Almost every culture on the planet stakes its claim for having the best cakey offerings. It can be quite competitive. I’m shocked there hasn’t been a war over it yet. The Great Fruitcake Wars. The Eccles cake incident. The Cupcake Rebellion of 2010. That’d be …

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Sep 16

The Sin of Envy…and Some Other Sins {Ceri's Column}

Man alive, that green-eyed monster is an awfully selective beast. He lives just above my cerebellum, right next door to the gnomes that run my conscience and sense of shame. He occasionally feeds on the gnomes and wotsits but mostly on the painfully huge talents of others. There’s many a person who turns me a …

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Sep 09

Smut {Ceri's Column}

People-watching and eave’s dropping are things I should do more often. These border-line peeping-Tomish pastimes often yield little snippets of gold…hold on, what the fuck is a “snippet of gold”? Is that possible? Am I mixing my damn turns of phrase again… anyway; it’s a great tool for a comedy writer. I try not to …

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Sep 03

The Whisky and The Unknown {Ceri's Column}

Sceptical losers like me are amongst the most easily frightened of folk. I mean, when you don’t immediately “believe” in every little unexplained or unexplored phenomena that you hear about, it is horrifying when it comes and slaps you in the gob…basically, I’m a bit of a wuss. I mean, your mind can play tricks on you. …

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Aug 26

Ceri: Portrait of an Inadvertent Killer {Ceri's Column}

I killed the most beautiful butterfly today. Wow, that sentence makes my look like a soon-to-be serial killer. I didn’t mean to. It was fluttering along, maybe trying to find a new home, maybe trying to find a mate. Probably just fluttering aimlessly. The problem was, it was fluttering 1.5 meters above the M4 motorway. …

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Aug 13

My Two Pence {The Film Set | Genevieve Sibayan}

Oh Hai! It’s high time I threw my proverbial hat into the resource share arena. I’ve been acting in London for a few years now and have a stack of Equity diaries to remind me! It’s not uncommon for newbies to ask my advice (yeah I know! *giggles) but for some reason I always assume that people …

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