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Apr 24

Don’t Be Afraid of Disability: A Guide on Acceptance And Inclusion

There are approximately 40,000 people with Down’s syndrome living in the UK, and over 10 million people with disabilities in Britain*. Therefore, with 15% of the population living with a disability, it is essential that people are understanding and knowledgeable when it comes to inclusion. Inclusion is relevant to everybody through all stages of life, …

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Apr 21

Winky Lux Make-Up Review: Taylor Swift is a Fan, But Are We?

Winky Lux make-up caught my eye thanks to its awesome packaging, bold colours and original ideas. It helps that all their make-up is gluten free, vegan and cruelty free. Taylor Swift is using their colour ‘Bond’ at the moment and looks fab. The range is full of inventive beauty products from Diamond Powders, PH Flower Balms to …

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Apr 20

CanO Water Opens Educational Hub to Encourage Londoners to Think about Swapping Single Use Plastic Bottles

CanO Water, the alternative to single use plastic bottles, is launching a new campaign to encourage Londoners to be more environmentally friendly. The #canthebottle education hub, in Old Street station, will raise awareness of the damaging effects of using plastic. The campaign encourages Londoners to visit the hub, and drop off their plastic bottles, receiving in return, a more …

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Apr 19

The Business of Books: Passion For Publishing

This week I’m genuinely excited to welcome Karen Sullivan, the powerhouse behind the most talked-about independent publisher in the UK   1)   What is your book related job or business? I am publisher and owner of Orenda Books, an independent publisher that specializes in literary fiction, with a heavy emphasis on crime thrillers and about half …

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Apr 18

Carol Smillie & The Underwear Changing Women’s Lives

It is not easy being a woman. First there are periods, then possible post maternity leakage (do this pelvic exercises now!) or other bladder issues. But help is at hand at last: DiaryDoll are a range of protective underwear with a concealed waterproof layer which offers girls and women that extra peace of mind and comfort. DiaryDoll is a …

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Apr 14

It Happened To Me: A Tampon Got Lost In My Body

There is nothing like sharing stories to make you feel like you’re not alone in a situation – we can all identify with a bit of true-talk after all. Not only that, being open and honest about real things that happen to real women is the fastest way to smash taboos and get us all talking about tricky topics. Femcare subscription service Pink …

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Apr 12

The Business of Books: Ready, Steady – Write!

Jane Cable on writing competitively Writing is not generally a competitive pastime; in fact, as I was saying in my last column, it’s a mutually supportive one. Yet writing competitions are forever popular and it’s probably the one time that pencils are sharpened into threatening points as we pit our wonderful words against those of …

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Apr 11

Hape’s Jungle Journey Train Review

We love Hape at Frost. They make beautiful wooden toys which are fun and educational for little ones. It is no surprise that they have won multiple awards. There is far too much plastic in the world so brands like Hape are much needed. My son loves anything with wheels and his little eyes light …

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