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Feb 17

5 Top Tips to Surviving Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy Guide We’ve lost count of how many pregnancy announcements there have been over the last two weeks. If you’re planning on getting pregnant or have already conceived, we’ve asked our experts for their best advice for common pregnancy side effects: Morning Sickness It’s one of the most common complaints in pregnancy, with almost …

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Feb 15

The Business of Books: Back to Basics

Jane Cable reaches a scary moment with her next manuscript More often than not my own blogs for The Business of Books focus on the process of being published and on marketing, marketing, and more marketing. For any writer, particularly one clinging onto a day job as well, it sometimes seems that the actual business of creating …

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Feb 14

Mads Mikkelsen: ‘The Snobbery in The Acting Business is Enormous’

Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen has told Rolling Stones Magazine that a lot of actors are snobby towards actors who do blockbusters. The actor has done a mix of indie and big budget films. “The snobbery in my business is enormous. I did not grow up on deep Czechoslovakian dramas or French art films, I grew up with …

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Feb 13

Claudia Fallah Beauty Products Review Daily Protection Moisturiser & Ultra Nourishing Moisturiser

I am always interested in trying a new beauty product so I jumped at the chance to try some products from Claudia Fallah. She had 30 years experience as a skincare specialist and now has her own product range out. I tried the Daily Protection Moisturiser and the Ultra Nourishing Moisturiser. Both are formulated for sensitive …

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Feb 10

Penclic B3 Mouse Review

I am always excited about trying something different and the Penclic B3 mouse is certainly that. It looks more like a joystick than a mouse. But it is stylish. Very much so. It is a beautiful piece of technology.  At first is feels a little strange to use. You have to get used to it. …

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Feb 09

Three Books For February: Our Top Picks

Nothing beats a good read so we have picked three very different books to entertain you this February. Until You Come Home Ellie Dean It is 1944 and Anne Black is making the best of a new life in Somerset, but bringing up her daughters so far from their father, her mother Peggy and their …

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Feb 08

The Business of Books With Jane Cable: David Ledain

This week Jane Cable interviews David Ledain about why he believes he can sell more self-help than fiction and why he decided to turn his own experiences into a book. Find out more about David at I am a gay dad and to protect those I love I write using the penname – David …

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Feb 07

Time Bomb Instawow Sparkling Facial Mask Review

When I became a mother one of the things that became impossible were face masks. Sure I tried once or twice, but having any time to myself is rare. And when I do have some time I have a million things to do. Which is why I am now ruthless. Ruthless with my time and …

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