Dec 09

The Most Searched 2012

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who did brits search for in 2012?



Bing UK searches show 2012 was a year in which Britons clamoured to see more (literally) of their favourite people than ever before. The search engine today releases its most-searched lists, based on the aggregation of billions of search queries conducted by Brits on Bing.com this year.


Singer Tulisa Contostavlos shows she has the X Factor as the UK’s most searched person in 2012, beating 2011 winner Justin Bieber, who dropped to fifth place this year. And while Tulisa’s singing career and role as X Factor judge no doubt inspired many of these searches, the leak of a certain video in March might also have played a part.


It was also a big year for 2012’s second-most-searched person, Kate Middleton, with not just the Royal Wedding but some unauthorised holiday snaps sending people online in their droves to find out more. Prince Harry also got people searching after his right royal Vegas antics. The third in line to the throne was the UK’s sixth most-searched person, behind Cheryl Cole, the late Whitney Houston and Justin Bieber.


Robert Pattinson, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and disgraced TV presenter Jimmy Savile round out the top 10.


In the afterglow of the Games, it’s to be expected that Olympics and London 2012 were the most-searched events of 2012, with Olympians leading the most-searched sports stars list. Gold-winning cyclist and Strictly Come Dancing star Victoria Pendleton raced to the top, followed by sprinter Usain Bolt and gold medallist tennis star Andy Murray. Stricken footballer Fabrice Muamba was the fourth most searched sportsperson, with heptathlete Jessica Ennis in fifth place.


Most-searched celebrity couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kept Britons guessing with their on-again, off-again romance this year, but their new movie, Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, could only muster fifth place in the most-searched movies list, with the top spot taken out by The Avengers. EastEnders beat out reality TV rivals Big Brother and X Factor to become 2012’s most searched TV show.


Bing UK Director of Search Dave Coplin says: “Every year, the Bing search results give us a unique insight into what and who is top of mind for Brits. It’s always fascinating to see which celebrities have had the biggest impact on Britons throughout the year, and of course it’s no surprise to see that the 2012 Olympics and Olympians have captured our hearts and minds after such a golden summer.”


See below for more fascinating insights into what Brits searched for – from fashion to Facebook to food to festivals – this year on Bing.com.


2012’s most searched people
1.       Tulisa Contostavlos

2.       Kate Middleton

3.       Cheryl Cole

4.       Whitney Houston

5.       Justin Bieber

6.       Prince Harry

7.       Robert Pattinson

8.       Rihanna

9.       Kim Kardashian

10.   Jimmy Savile


2011 results1.       Justin Bieber

2.       Kim Kardashian

3.       Lady Gaga

4.       Jennifer Aniston

5.       Pippa Middleton

6.       Katy Perry

7.       Kate Middleton

8.       Tulisa Contostavlos

9.       Scarlett Johansson

10.   Angelina Jolie


2012’s most searched sports stars1.       Victoria Pendleton

2.       Usain Bolt

3.       Andy Murray

4.       Fabrice Muamba

5.       Jessica Ennis

6.       Tom Daley

7.       Cristiano Ronaldo

8.       Lance Armstrong

9.       David Beckham

10.   Mo Farah


2011 results1.       David Beckham

2.       Ryan Giggs

3.       Lewis Hamilton

4.       Andy Murray

5.       Maria Sharapova

6.       Wayne Rooney

7.       Cristiano Ronaldo

8.       Usain Bolt

9.       Jessica Ennis

10.   Jenson Button

2012’s most searched events

1.       Olympics

2.       London 2012

3.       Euro 2012

4.       Diamond Jubilee

5.       Paralympics

6.       Wimbledon

7.       Tour de France

8.       Hurricane Sandy

9.       US election

10.   Leveson Inquiry


2012’s most searched movies

1.       The Avengers

2.       The Hunger Games

3.       Prometheus

4.       Skyfall

5.       Twilight Breaking Dawn II

6.       Dark Knight Rises

7.       The Amazing Spiderman

8.       Snow White & The Huntsman

9.       Taken 2

10.   The Dictator


2012’s most searched TV shows

1.       EastEnders

2.       Big Brother

3.       X Factor

4.       Doctor Who

5.       Coronation Street

6.       Strictly Come Dancing

7.       The Only Way Is Essex

8.       Celebrity Big Brother

9.       Game of Thrones

10.   The Walking Dead


Most searched social networks

1.       Facebook
2.       YouTube
3.       Twitter
4.       LinkedIn
5.       Tumblr
6.       Spotify7.       Pinterest
8.       Myspace
9.       Instagram
10.   WordPress



Top searches:

Celebrity couple               Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

Celebrity wedding           Jessica Biel’s pink wedding dress

Celebrity death                 Robin Gibb death

Celebrity divorce              Katie Holmes divorce

Celebrity baby                   Robbie Williams baby pics

Celebrity pregnant          Imogen Thomas pregnant

Celebrity chef                    Jamie Oliver

Girl band                              Little Mix

Boy band                             One Direction

Lyrics                                     Call Me Maybe

Festival                                 V Festival

Fashion brand                   Next

Store                                     Argos

Supermarket                     Tesco

Football club                      Liverpool FC

Movie trailer                      Skyfall

Politician                              David Cameron

US politician                       Barack Obama

Car model                           Nissan Qashqai

Car make                             BMW

Airline                                   Ryanair

Holiday destination         Turkey

Viral video                           Gangnam Style

Diet                                        Cambridge diet

Recipe                                  Pancakes

Astrologer                           Jonathan Cainer

Who…                                   unfollowed me

What…                                  car

How…                                   I met your mother